Bank items deleted

I’ve been playing for hours farming for legendarys and when I went to sanctuary all 50 of the legendarys in my back were deleted. I was wondering if there was any way to get it all back?

You probably wont like the answer, cuz i know i wouldnt, but i dont believe you can get them back. You can send in a ticket to gearbox but ive seen someone that posted a response from them and I think they offer you gold keys for compensation. It hasnt happened to me yet, but what i did so that it wont ever happen is made a bunch of other characters and got them to sanctuary asap to use as banks. It sucks, i hate it, but it seems like the only thing you can do. Other than saving your file often so that if it happens, you can go back to the save before the bank was deleted.

Wow im not the only one I just lost all of my legendary in the bank all 38 of them im pissed as hell.

I’m doing the same thing… I just put on a podcast while I get my mules to sanctuary as fast as possible. Not fun… but at least I don’t have to worry about the bank glitch

Yeah ive made 4 mules so far, 2 for level 10-40 items, and 2 for level 50 items. But im actually making 2 more for level 50 items tonight. Just gotta turn the volume down on borderlands and watch some videos while you do the same things over and over lol

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Nice, I’m organizing my mules by what type of gear they carry. I have one for class mods and one for artifacts. I’m going to create one tonight for gear i’m willing to trade

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Sadly its happened to a bunch of people. And the only response as to if its gonna get fixed that ive found so far is “some things take longer than others”. lol Hopefully soon they can figure it out, idk anything about making games so maybe it is a problem that takes a month to figure out, who knows.