Bank Management Needs MAJOR Work Sooner Than Later! So Clunky of a System

Plain and simple. Managing all of our gear in the Bank is just a mess.

-The sort system is waaaaaaaay too limited for one.

-Second, there needs to be a way to separate gear (via a filter system) into completely different windows based on their “Type” by default then you can further sort and filter those Types by level, score, manufacturer, etc. There are so many times I want to filter my ARs or Pistols even further without them getting all mixed in with other gear so it’s a better side by side view.

-There needs to be a filter for separating Anoints based on Vault Hunters and Universal. This one should be obvious as to how important Anoints are. I hate digging through my weapons when trying to find ones that have my Zane or Moze only Anoints when trying to gauge certain builds.

-There needs to be a more in-depth, filter where I can compare apples to apples. In other words, a weapon or gear to it’s exact same base type. I.E. - Lob to other Lobs, or Transformer to other Transformers. I shouldn’t even have to explain why this is so important in a game where we are constantly trying to improve the Anoints/Prefixes of our gear…Literally, everytime I get new weapons with potentially better prefixes, I have to go find it’s equivalents to see which one I want to keep.

-AND FOR THE LOVE OF TORQUE! PLEASE can we have a way to quickly trash or sell gear DIRECTLY from the Bank. The fact that I have to collect 36 pieces of gear at a time, then either drop it or sell it is a tedious process in itself. ESPECIALLY if we are having to do this every few months because of level cap increases.

Honestly, this is something I would LOVE to see sooner than later. Bank management in this game is just extremely poor and not thought out very well.


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