Bank Scrolling bug

When you use the triggers to scroll to the end of the items, if you use the stick to move down from the last row, the inventory view resets to the top of the list. You can see the slider moving up. This wouldn’t be so bad, except you can’t scroll up, to get to the bottom.

The bug is difficult to reproduce. It seems that manipulating the inventory “fixes” it for a time. A possible solution might be to allow the inventory to view to wrap around, so we can quickly jump to the end or beginning. Adding more filter options would be nice too, especially if those filters didn’t change when you swap between your bank and pack.

Possible filters that would be helpful, to me at least, are:

  • Class (for mods and class-specific anointment).
  • Anointed
  • Element (damage/resistance/immunity)
  • Level (item score doesn’t always help)