BANK SDU purchase not staying

this is since the latest patch/hotfix. my bank sdu is currently 120, when i purchase to 140 it stays only till the next time i launch from character main screen

Sounds like either your saves folder is set to read only, or you keep resyncing an old version down from Epic cloud save. If you had any kind of system or AV update recently, or had been read-only farming and forgot to toggle back, that would likely do it.

Hmm. I just checked an my save folder was set to read only. Not sure how that happened since only change i did was for the firewall and playing off line. in fact the folder was read only since 9/13/2019.
not sure how the bank vault increase not sticking since i did buy 20 extra to get to 120. but that was before the latest patch.

so now to save up to try it for a 4th time.

did a verify in epic app also (no failures) just in case.

that seems to have worked. thanks