Bank SDU's not unlocking Pt 1 Level 19 Siren

From everything I’ve been able to find, the 3rd Bank SDU in Moxxi’s Underdome is supposed to unlock at level 18. I’m on the newer goty on xbox one btw. According to the Wiki it’s supposed to unlock a bank SDU every 5 levels until it gives you the Max for Pt1 and then you can unlock more on Pt 2.

It’s always possible the wiki is wrong - wouldn’t be the first time. I’d personally been under the impression that unlocking the various tiers of bank and ammo SDUs was based on story progression, since outside of the Underdome various levels only appear on a specific map or maps.

@RavenOfArisia or @odiscordia - do either of you remember how this works?


Pretty sure it’s story progression. Each key piece for sure

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Thankyou for that. I hope that’s what’s going on, one of the things that killed Borderlands for me 10yrs ago on the 360 was all the game breaking glitches, we were young and reckless back then and we destoyed this game on xbox. Kids could NOT stopping modding and breaking the heck out of this game even further than the already game breaking bugs like “Keep your insides, inside” I’m glad they took that out of goty ! I was Never able to complete it right back then. Kinda broke my heart.

Thankyou, I hope that’s all that’s happening. I thought Goty was remastered, but now i see that they might do an actual Remaster ?? Is this True ?? Pls Lord in Heaven say Yes !!! I hope they don’t ruin or kill the feel, but fix things like class mods not showing bonuses on skills like on B2, and giving us even more storage space, adding good things from other versions, but still letting it feel like B1. I personally like being able to find legendaries or rare really good loot in random places every now and then. I like random feel and weapons feel of the OG.

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Not sure what you’re referring to there? The game was already remastered a few years ago. Fail -ass thing that it was , too. Imo

The Borderlands GOTY Remaster is, I suspect, all we will get for the foreseeable future. It has a slightly different inventory system, runs at 60 fps on OG XB1, and can deliver 4K/HDR on systems that support it. There are also some added legendaries, shift keys, and a Golden Chest (in two locations).

Other than that, it’s still the same game. If you import a save infected with “Keep your insides…” it will still have that, and it will still pass it on to other players who join your game.

They didn’t actually implement very many fixes. I believe there is a list of what did get attention in the main discussion category?

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