Bank shot or reassembling drones

(Seanshineyouth) #1

Which one is better? I’ve heard people swear by both… any thoughts?

(Seanshineyouth) #2

Just doesn’t seem like the rebounds on bola actually do much?

(Ambra's Arbiter) #3

Rebound, 3000 percent

(Can't stand ya) #4

Depends on the match.

If you’re carrying/better player on your team the triple rebounding stun bleed bola is too good to pass up (the rebounds home in on enemies up to 3 times and apply all status effects) so it’s incredibly good, especially in tight spots for huge damage and group stuns.

But if you have a hard carry or gun late gamer on your side it can be awesome to stack 4 damage amp drones on them and let them wreck shop.

Both are viable.

(beta382) #5

While the 81% damage buff this provides is ridiculously overpowered, it has two conditions for effectiveness: the target is a ranged character, and they know what you are doing to them. If even a single drone is lost, the damage amp stack is completely reset to 1, and will not advance higher than one even if the drone is replaced. The player must lose all drones in order to start building the stack again.

This is part of the reason I am certain the damage amp stacking is a broken mechanic. Besides an 81% damage buff being completely bonkers, it bugs in a way that indicates that only one stack should be possible.

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(Seanshineyouth) #6

I use the drones to AOE heal and dmg amp my minions so they push harder into the enemy camp… it’s less about player buffing for me though it does happen. In this situation having the cooldown for my drone that comes from bola hits is really nice… is it worth losing the alternative?