Bank size and backpack size

Bank size realy needs to be incresed frome the way it whus in boderlands 2 i hate haveing to get of a good gun and throw it oute just to have room for a new gun i whunt to keep and back back size needs to be incresed as well its way to small back in boderlands 2 it whus way larger but ion boderlands 3 3 this feel like we got a a huge down grade to the space of are valt and backpack how are we supost to collect more guns abhout a game with a billon guns and run oute of room so fast even maxing oute my sdu i still run oute of space fast


Yep I’m with you on that bro


Even more important than bank size…
Did they fix the bug where items disappear?
I see no recent complaint on the forum… so might be good now… hopefully…
I still have all my legendary on my, just in case… :open_mouth:

More and better loot drops should equal more space to carry it all.

Why was that not, or barely, implemented in this game?

In bl2 our backpack was either 39 or 40 spaces and our bank was 24. Plus we had a shared 4 slot locker.

In Bl3 our backpack is 40 and our bank is 50, but no locker. So we have double the bank space. The problem is that it is shared.

Yes nobody thought we had enough in 2 either. However as each character had their own bank we made mules and had lots of storage. In 3 we need atleast 6 times the mules due to the shared storage.

So imo we need to double our bp and if the bank stays shared then triple the bank space. Since it is so easy to make cash in this game I doubt anybody would object to more SDUs to buy.


After all backpack SDU purchases?

I’m trying to save up $729,000 right now.

It’s a long way away.

Yes I only listed max sizes after all SDUs for both games and I am certain I remembered right. Although I am also sure somebody will correct me if I am wrong.

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I would like a bank size increase but I still don’t trust it after losing 50 legendaries to the bug.

I feel like they should fix their bugs and loot tables before adding more space.

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Welcome to the party. May I direct you to the buffet?

I totally agree with you there. I’ll have to resort to creating mule characters for now, then…

Bring back 200 inventory spaces! BL1 did it!

simple answer is create some mules to store your gear 1 each for wpn types, mods, relics, sheilds
get power levelled get cash to unlock all 40 BP slots and dont bother running story mode, takes about an hour in the slaughterhouse on MH3 to fast level.

I totally agree. I enjoy farming for better weapons but juggling between backpack, bank, and different characters to find a gun, switch to a better variant, or have to drop an item in my backpack to pick one up is too burdensome. (Also the lag on console.)

It’s more of a hassle to experiment with a new build (siren to a melee build) and having to equip new items for it but have no where to put my current items.

I would consider making another character but I have to progress through story to unlock item slots and I can’t skip cutscenes! It was a real pain to watch and listen to the same cutscenes 3 additional times (one for each character). The damn intro video is also too long to not be able to skip!

Since there is no word on bank and backpack increase, I think I’ve played enough of this game. I’m going to move on to the next game.

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For a devil’s advocate perspective: if you have better drop rates, you don’t need to save that precious orange item, since you are much more likely to find it (or something similarly useful) again on your own.

In BL1 I basically did not bother saving legendaries, since they were rather plentiful. BL2 was very different in that regard and it looks like Bl3 is closer to Bl1.

Perhaps that was GBX reasoning.

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