Bank Slots increase

When will we be getting more Bank Slots?

I’m wanting to actually do a YouTube Loot Pack opening video, like a proper one not a wussy one where some guy opens like one of each faction pack.

I’m talking about the fact I have 133 Loot Packs right now having never opened one since release and knowing that I cannot open them once my bank slots are full. The thing is even if I got just one item from each one my bank space would already be filled but I’m talking like increasing bank slots to 999 max even if it costs like 100,000 credits to get there.

You can already buy new bank slots >.>;;

Bottom right hand corner of the bank has an option to purchase ?40? More for 7150 credits I think

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Yeah I know but I’m maxed out on them at 199 slots I mean I need even more just to make a fluid video rather than having to open like 50 packs just to spend an hour selling half of them to continue the video.

It’d be nice for Youtube personalities, but sadly right now you’re just going to have to make a supercut of it,