Bank Slots Reset, Lost all My Anointed Legendaries

I have played FL4K (6d13h5m) and Zane (1d5h13m) through both normal and True Vault Hunter mode with out much issues in both SP and MP but after starting Moze, at around chapter 10 I decided to go check my bank to see if I had any lower lvl weapons I could use and to my surprise the bank was empty (around 25 Anointed assorted items) and all my SDU’s in both my lost and found and my bank have reset. As I said I had no problems with my first 2 toon play throughs and this only happened sometime after starting my Moze play through.

Retail Game Copy
Played both SP and MP (online only no Split Screen)


Known glitch, Gearbox has ignored it for a week and a have. They are probably working on it, but not acknowledging it. It’s happened on all platforms no matter the game play. DO NOT USE YOUR BANK.


Just been hit by this luckily it was my main account and not my bank account but it cleared it out entirely 50 slots gone, it did also make me lose a head as well.

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Just happen to me,does gearbox say something about it?

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I mailed support the day this happened and this is the reply I got from them,

First Reply:

Second Reply:

This was a week ago and I haven’t received any word since or the keys I’m supposed to be receiving but honestly the keys (no matter how many they give me) is just a slap in the face and nothing more than a band aid while they try to fix the bug. I just find it very hard to believe that this issue never once came up in testing before launch.

Multiple people have reported this bug and many have had it happen more than once to them. For them to let this pass through in the full release is unacceptable IMO. They seemed to be more concerned about nerfing toons/gear etc… than fixing the bank issue (which, in a loot shooter is massively important to have a safe place to store your loot).

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Got the same form replies plus one:

"I would like to inform you that we have added 25 Golden keys into your account for your missing bank items. We really apologize for the inconvenience this issue might have caused to you.

If there’s anything else, please let us know.

Best regards to a fellow Vault Hunter,

Janmesh S.
2K Support"

I just want to know if the vaults are safe to use. I don’t want to lose gear again so I’m putting a couple miscellaneous items in them to see if they stay there over the next month. Would be nice to know if the 10/3 patch fixed this.

Has anyone had this problem since the 10/3 patch?

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Just to let you all know they arent going to do jack because this exact same glitch was in BL2 and happend to me and now its happend to me in this game…