Bank Space for Borderlands 3

Have been playing Borderlands for years, but the one thing you always let us down on is the bank space. It is a looter game game with bazillions of guns but pitiful bank space… l think about 500 bank space would be be about right and you could make it so all your characters could use the same bank space. i.e like Elder Scrolls does… and this might be pushing the boat a bit to far but could you do patches for 1 & 2 to have the same… :smile:


500 is outrageous. As long as there’s something like claptraps stash, you could just give items you want to keep to a spare account.


Unless there are at least 500 legendary or higher rarity items with red text that number is a bit overkill. As mentioned as long as they keep a function in game to trade items between your own characters like we have in BL2 and TPS you can easily store stuff on mules by yourself. And if they don’t you just get a friend to help.

Yeah…500 is…A lot. We can also admit we don’t use half the stuff we get.
I did notice that in Sanct3 the person grabbed a gun off the wall. It would be kind of interesting to have a show room.
I think the biggest problem is the 4 slots for ones other 3 to 100 other characters they make.
Maybe have 12 slots for stash?

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I think either the extra spots in the stash…or just have the bank have a tab that you can actually search your other profiles.
Maybe one might have too many profiles and that would get messy and extensive?!?
At least fix that 4 B.S. I thought it was absurd that TPS actually kept the same 4 format.

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The stash you’re referring to is meant specifically to move items between characters. It wasn’t meant as permanent storage. There is an actual storage that is upgradable. Something they originally came up with in BL1 with Mad Moxxi’s DLC to store toys without having them eat backpack space.

200 in the bank, about 5 in your personal quarters, 5 in a stash.

Think that should be enough. Although I’d still want MORE.


I’m not an “end game” person. I have no interest in collecting guns or having the “perfect” build. I prefer to start a new character and see how it turns out this time :slightly_smiling_face: However, even I think there should be much more storage space at the player level as opposed to character level.

In BL2 (and TPS but I refer to BL2 here) I keep favourite weapons that might help out future characters. Not just legendaries. I have a collection of Heartbreakers for every occasion :smiley: Consequently, I have a lot of mules that clutter up my character list unnecessarily.

I’ve just checked and I have 13 mules. I didn’t count all the items they hold but 30 per mule is probably a conservative estimate. Some have more like 50. So, over seven years of playing BL2, I have accrued the best part of 400 potentially useful items.

When I first read this topic I though vproph3t was going a bit over the top suggesting 500 bank slots. Having “done the math”, as our US friends might say :slightly_smiling_face: , that’s not unreasonable.

At the end of the day, these items are stored on our PCs or consoles somewhere. There must be enough “disk space” for a good sized, player level bank. With GBX putting more thought into the end game for BL3, I hope they’ve figured out a way of doing it.


When I played Destiny the “vault” had 500 spaces, which seemed a lot. At first…


Alright, I’ll be the unpopular one and say it. I believe the limited bank space is intentional. It’s meant to encourage you to get rid of older weapons and try something new. The bazillions of guns were intended to offer near unlimited options, yet many people limit themselves to only a few “perfect” guns. I don’t think bank space is going to increase for this very reason. And, honestly, I kinda hope it doesn’t.


You don’t need to use it. Everyone else will enjoy bigger backpack/bank space.


If I compare this with Fallout 4, where I have effectively unlimited storage for anything… A 400-spot bank will get filled with 400 items that I will then never use.

Even on my existing BL2 saves, it is extremely rare that I will use much of anything in each max character’s bank. I could probably dump 90% of what’s in there, and never ever miss it.

And ask me why I am keeping all the unique mission/boss drops from Pt.1 in the bank on my BL1 Pt.2 characters… Actually, don’t bother, because I have absolutely no answer for that!


Stash definitely needs to be upgraded. 4 spots is pitiful. Especially if you’re about to start a new character and want to transfer a large quantity of starter weapons. 12 would be a low max in my opinion. I’d prefer like 20.

As far as the bank goes, I can’t imagine those stored weapons take up that much RAM space. They could easily increase that to 500 without any slowdown to the game. So, my question is, why not? What’s bad about having more storage?


All I know is, if the host-to-host connection is anything other than near-instantaneous, my game visibly gets laggy when a co-op partner is either looking through their bank or in a vending machine (this on XB1 Handsome Collection). I don’t know what information is being sent back and forth while that is going on, but it’s happened often enough to have been an irritant. The same thing happens if someone with a massively over-loaded inventory pops it open while I’m in a firefight.

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Wow, I didn’t realize that was an issue for some people. I personally haven’t ran across it before on X1 but thx for the head up. Maybe something in the coding or networking is the problem. Hopefully the code monkey’s fix that for BL3.

Bearing in mind that BL2 was written in UE3 targetting the much more hardware and memory limited 360/PS3, while BL3 is in UE4 targetting XB1/PS4 consoles, it seems likely that there will be numerous changes and improvements under the hood. Looking forward to finding out in due time.

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From what I remember from Destiny 2 there wasn’t a distinction between “bank” and “stash” there was simply the vault. 500 spaces that were available to all your (three) different characters.

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I think I would prefer a shared vault like that instead of having separate stash and bank. Here’s to hoping Gearbox does it that way.

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Still no news on bag and bank sizes, not that l have seen yet…:frowning:

Well, I never had problems with bankspace/stash and mules so far, as once you ahev certain endgame gear you are set. Now with the addition of annointed weapons that opens up the endgame to way more customization, i see the need of a bigger bank indeed.

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