Bank Space for Borderlands 3

1,000 bank space minimum per character. 100 Shared Stash.
20 Personal Quarters Item Space per character.


I’ll likely end up splitscreening in mules anyhow. But, if the stash and inventory are handled right, maybe I won’t need that as much. Here’s hoping.

I think we might need even more slots than before because of these Anointed properties. And probably other things.

And I think there are good ways to handle inventory that large on the gui side of things. One idea I have been suggesting for a while is that at least for unique items your vault/museum/whatever keeps track of each version of an item you see. Did you get a level 11 pandemic grenade, and a level 25 version? Ok, then it takes one slot in your bank and when you pull it out, you can choose which version to retrieve. Or the item becomes all versions you have retrieved. On the full screen item page you could select what version of the item it is.

The logic breaks down when eventually you have a character with 39 inventory spaces max, and 20 of them are different class mods, and the rest are legendary items or uniques.

What I do at this point is split screen in a mule character and hand off all kinds of gear to him.

The reason I do this is because I don’t want to be forced to choose which item to drop or not pick up when I don’t know if I’ll see that item drop again.

Class mods got hard to deal with especially, because it turns out that some extreme builds need some extremities in the class mod area of things. Such as a build for Maya in BL2 that lets you recompense Haderax. In other words, you don’t know what skills are going to be useful down the road. And sometimes some specialty grenade is just the thing you need for a certain boss or build.

I understand the concept of forcing choice through limitations. I just tend to ignore that limit.


Destiny 2 bank is pretty good because you can manage that inventory from the Destiny 2 smart phone app. You can even store/retrieve items on the fly from/to your current character while you’re playing.

Yes, depending on how you handle your bank it can end up being a vault of things you don’t use. Sometimes it’s items my character can’t use for a few levels (perhaps handoffs from my other characters). Sometimes it’s classmods I am not sure I need.

I think the bank could be really cool in BL universe if it was a vending machine you could access from almost any map. That way you don’t have to travel back to sanctuary, for example.

But as I stated elsewhere, it needs a GUI revamp to be more useful. In BL2 it can end up hard to use once you’re storing a lot in it.

I think that maybe the bank vending machine should be like a Tardis or something. You walk into it and it’s like a museum and you can go walk up to your “grenade hall” and then find the “electric grenade” display case. Or you could walk up to the grenade display case (which would show any type of grenade you have).

re: @VaultHunter101 -
Right. For example, it shouldn’t matter what’s in my inventory to the other players until I equip it or drop it. Send that info then. Or slowly load it over time after the player connects.

if they gave me 1000 spots I would need 1001

The bank in BL2 there was nowhere near enough space and I had to play the work around game.

so you ask why would I need that many spots ? well I make different builds, I play around with different parts or items etc… and why not, you want to limit your self with10, 20, 30 choices great, I want to save .


to add to, I want low level items that were just great for leveling. I want to save all those level 50 items too for when the level cap goes to 61, then I want all those 61 items for the cap when it goes to 72 etc…if I don’t have to have 20 different characters as mules great.

So the max bank space (bank space is shared between characters) is 50 and i think that it actually is like two zeroes short on that number, considering that there is a L O T more unique guns and legendaries. Also i see everybody saying that you could just have loot mule characters - but, like, why would you? why would you make it tedious to manage loot if you could just expand the bank-stash?


5000 is complete overkill. I would even say 500 at max upgrade would be a bit much. Currently I think most people could survive comfortably at 200

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It is a scam between the console companies and Shift, See with the new email system copied from Blizzards Diablo. You can no longer move items to a guest account. So not they make you have to actually create a second account and email the items to that account to hold for you. That or create 100 mules on your account making it very messy. It is always about them making use spend more money

  1. All I want is the amount of backpack space from BL1 back. That’s it, I’m not greedy
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Well first they need to fix the bank bug that’s deleting players loot. Handle that before adding more space lol


I had characters with over 200 backpack space on BL1 because of shenanigans of having backpack upgrade SDU’s be inventory items and also being able to collect an entire set on each playthrough. Mind you this was back in the original BL1. Not any of the re-releases, remaster, GOTY etc… They patched that stuff later.


I agree 120%. If losing a bank full of stuff now sucks. Imagine that happening with a bank that has an even higher cap.

I mean they could still fix the bug while also working on increasing the cap… but they would have to be 100% certain that the bank bug was fixed before actually giving us the higher cap.

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I tend to agree because I like to collect stuff and test new ideas/builds without having to start farming all those mostly-worlddrop legendaries everytime. Since most items have way more variables than in previous games it’s even more difficult to farm exactly what you aiming for on a specific character/build.


The quote “bazilions of weapons!” was proudly being shoven into our faces in some of the pre-release trailers, yet, they only gave us 50 bank slots. What were they thinking? :confused:


The problem with increasing bank or inventory space is the performance of the game going down the toilet. I’ve seen a save of someone with 200-300 items in it. The game froze for seconds when opening the inventory or bank.

That’s the thing. If you don’t want people digging the codes. Give us a way to properly test ideas and rumors.
We’re sometimes facing a Mayhem of bad streamers around here! :wink:

I like to play different characters/class/builds. I want / need to test stuff and ideas. Could it be for me or for the community.
Yes I’m a bit OCD in my “collecting” but that’s not the sole reason.

There’s also the possible issue of patching the bank cap causing stored items to disappear. However One thing I’ve noticed is even with 50 items as it is now when accessing the bank it seems to lag when it has to scroll up or down. If they do increase it they may want to switch it to a classic style list view as I think its the amount of mini card tiles they use now in a grid that is causing it.

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I’ve hit the point where I have only golds and no bank space left, plus 95% of my backpack full. For a game designed around finding loot, this is a joke and needs to change. I want to be able to collect each gold weapon, not have to bin them.


my one issue with the last game was the bank, I had maybe 10-15 mules and I guess I have to do that again…