Bank space full of legendaries! Willing to trade some, including some artifacts and some anointed!

Hi, I farm a lot, and I’ve got my bank and other inventory space completely full with legendaries. I’m looking for a Breaker COM or anointed Phaseslam +melee gear. But probably also other gear will do. Just tell me what you need and I’ll check :wink:

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I got a brawler ward w anointed melee damage action skill end 100%.

You have elemental deathless artifact or a phasezerker mod w good rolls.

If not, then maybe fire lyuda or anointed cry Lucians call

PSN: HyperTraceur

If you’ve got an Exector mod with at least 2 in Bad Misfortune and/or a Crossroads or two I could let you know what I’ve got

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The Brawler ward is also 300% on shield break right? I have a radiation Deathless artifact if you want one

I don’t think I have that one, sorry :confused:

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I have a Shock Crossroad if you want one! What do you have? I’m looking for an anointed face puncher (Phaseslam) or a Breaker com but other things may go well too

Is there any chance you have a Spectral Phasecast mod and/or a Snowdrift Static Charge? Thank you in advance. But I have none of the two items you listed. PSN: orange_teacher

Have you by chance got a cryo or radiation lucians call?

Yes, i do! What anointed gear do you have? I’m also looking for a Breaker com for Amara

I have 2 annexed lyuda 1 with stnl and the other is 125% for bosses and alot of others I’m at work now though

I’m on EST and will be on at like 7 if you want send me a fr my psn is colbykente912

Do you have any anointed guns with 50% cryo SNTL. or cold warrior class mod with +4 Synchonricity (Zane).

I’m sorry I don’t have that :confused:

Trying to get a good Executor mod (I know I already mentioned that one), Bounty Hunter mod, and DE4DEYE mod right now. Have a good bit to trade, listed in another thread near the top.

Do you still need the Crossroad? If these are Fl4k coms I’m sorry to say that I have just one for him, and I don’t recall the name now. I will not be able to check until Monday. It’s a Spiderant one and it’s orange/gold

I have breaker mods if you are still looking

I’m good on Crossroads now, but thanks.

Got it, then I’m afraid I got nothing for you, at least until I check that flak com

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I am indeed! Are you looking for something?