Bank Space Needed!

Since this is a Shoot’n’Loot game, I really wanna keep my lv 50 Uniques and usefull artifacts for later use and new characters. But with pitiful 50 bank storage I cant keep half of what I want to.
I cant bother creating mule accounts, as that takes hours on pc.
This problem make me stop playing, throwing away a uniques feels so bad! Since there are 200+ different uniques, and many of them come in different elements I do wanna be able to store one of each.
Give us 500 storage space or more! I would need that, cause 200 isnt even enough. I am sick of carrying 40 items at all times, and use several minutes discussing with myself each time I find a new unique.
How is this even a problem now, when earlier borderlands games had the same problem?
And please dont add 50 storage and think the problem is solved! 500 at least. Better to have too much space than not nearly enough. I would pay 60 Dollars again to get 500 space storage

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