Bank space not enough

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that your bank space is shared across all characters and caps at only 50 so you have to rely on the back pack space of each character for storage rather than the bank space which seems a little strange? I hope they plan to expand the bank space as having to carry a backpack full of loot around is slightly annoying.


Please @gearbox please please increase the bank space…this is my worst nightmare having to let go of gear I absolutely love just to have 1 new item. This is a looter game.
Why would you make us have to worry about constant backpack and bank space.


This is one of the most frustrating things for me, I hated the lack of space in borderlands 1 and 2. Was really hoping borderlands 3 would have more loot space but no… I don’t understand the decision to have a small bank space in a looter shooter with multiple classes… why…heh. Other than that big disappointment I am really enjoying the game!

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I would love it if a second bank could be added that you can purchase and upgrade for a lot of in game currency (since it’s pretty useless right now) that is specifically for that character.

I have multiple character saves because of this - so I can try different builds. If I wanted to try multiple different builds but only have one save file for that character, it would be impossible unless I only wanted to have FL4K items and not touch Zane.

Having a storage just for that save slot would be great so I can just have fun trying different builds.