Bank stash and Guardian Rank GONE

Hey. I signed on today and the first msg that popped up on my screen was “corrupted save, going back to default settings” I continue on resetting the brightness settings and what not and then load up a character. I find out my entire Bank was deleted, my bank SDU (and only my Bank) was cut back to zero like I’ve never even purchased one, and my Gaurdian Rank was wiped out. I hope you guys can help me out with this or it may very well be the Straw that Broke the Camels Back for me. I at the very least want my Gaurdian Rank back and I GUESS I could find all that gear ALL OVER AGAIN.

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Or point me in the right direction to get this solved, because I’m pretty pissed about it all. Spent the past month, or so, trying my damndest to enjoy the game DESPITE all the problems with it and now I get cut back to square one. Its BS.

And I’m REALLY pissed I spent $100 for super deluxe edition.

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No response?.. Some Tech Support this is.