Bank storage bug


I have BL3 on Steam with both DLC’s purchased but the bank additional slots are still only giving an additional 10 spaces rather than the 20.

Your help much appreciated !

What cost tier are you up to for the bank SDUs?

Hi I’ve only bought 2 so far tbh

I am at lvl 8 / 18 on bank space on steam. I have 80 slots, and so far I have only been getting 10 slots per level.

Hmm I dont understand why on my EPIC account version of BL3 they patched it giving us 300 bank slots in total.

Surely we should have the same on Steam version?!

Once you hit the original bank cap, the SDUs should jump to 20/slot. I think that was 100?

Ahh Yes you’re absolutely right , thank you !

I’ve hit 100 and noe further SDU’s give 20 up from the 10 I was getting previously !

Thank again !

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