Banked items gone

I put all my pre-order items in my bank. Just went to deposit more items and everything already in there had been deleted.


Ugh what a mess…

Same thing just happened to me :confused: ps4 co-op, I’m the second player. First players banked items are still there though. That sucks

Same thing has just happened to me. All my preorder gear & VIP stuff gone. Legendary class mods & anointed gear all gone. Lost about 20 items. Absolutely ridiculous

Same thing happened to me though i really only want my preorder and vip stuff back

Same. Friend left multiplayer and poof. Had almost 40 items, mostly quest rewards too…

Make that 3 times now

I had a bank full of items that all completely disappeared, how will i get them back?

Sorry to hear you’re having problems, please submit a support ticket here: