Bann Merquis in Incursion

Guys if you cant update your Game, JUST Bann this Buggy MAP or Buggy Merquis untill you get a FIX!
I Mean, i must ALt f4 alltime if to much guys Vote for Exploit map, and Picking instantly Merquis.

Is it so hard, to bring a Short fix out, so that we can play PvP until your BIG patch?

Im sure, im not the Only person who stop playing this Game at the moment, cause of this BUG.
I buy BB for the PvP Part, PvE is sometime funny, but i love the Competetive Multiplayer, thats why i buy this game.
And since Launch you can EXPLOIT in this Modus.

Next thing, Matchmaking, i know with 3k Aktiv Player we cant get good Matches.
But seriosly, 5 guys over 50-70 against 5 guys with max lvl 20.
Why dont split this 50-70 lvl guys instead of put all in 1 team?
And NO Premadegroups was in this game.

Really i Like BB, the Game. Charakters are nice, the humor is funny.
Idea behind the PvP Conzept are great, and also the PvE Mission’s good.
SO why you RUIN your own game, with Gamebreaking things who can fixed easy, but you dont do it?

They are doing something to fix the marquis exploit but i doubt what they are planning to do is actually going to fix it.

He can be taken out and forced to move with a good push and such and there a characters that can keep on him on his toes, but in no way do i support his exploit and feel the players should have some moral decorum and not do it (but i know thats to much to ask)

My moral decorum is to avoid playing Incursion. If I do, and there’s anyone doing this, I don’t feel bad at all quitting out.

(Pretty sure I used moral decorum wrong there, but you get my point)

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