BAR and gun performance

I’ve been putting BAR tokens into ‘fire rate’ (thinking about the Sand Hawk and similar slow’ish guns), which is now at 8.0%. And now I’ve recently learned that certain guns (Lyuda and Pimpernel, for example) can be adversely affected by things like Maya’s Accelerate and Zer0’s Vel0city (I have both a Maya and a Zer0, which is why I’m stressing over this).

My questions are…

  • Is the BAR ‘fire rate’ the same as either Acc or Vel0 when calculating those weapons?
  • If it does do a similar thing, is an 8% buff enough to adversly alter the calculations?

Fire rate just makes your gun shoot faster, not increase bullet speed. So I would imagine it would have no effect at all on the gun.

Bullet speed affects the pattern of secondary projectiles when splitting.

Fire rate and bullet speed are two different things. Fire rate determines the amount of time you have to wait between shots, bullet speed determines how fast the bullet will reach the target. Spending badass tokens on fire rate is not going to increase the bullet speed, so no, it won’t have any negative effect on those guns.

That’s what I thought, but I saw something on Youtube (can’t find it now, naturally) that seemed to suggest that there were similarities. I wish I could remember what the guy’s reasoning was…some of it almost made sense, at least then.

Thanks, guys!

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