BaR and Settings not saving upon closing game (ps4)

Having a bit of a unique problem, as every time I close the game on PS4, my settings get reset to defualt (colorblind, look inversion, split screen) and my BaR gets set to zero.

The challenges are still marked as complete, but there is no credit for them. I originally played on xbox 360 so I don’t have a save file to import, and was perfectly fine with starting over because it is a great game, and sure, I could finish the game just fine without any BaR, but it’s still a major annoyance to have to redo my settings every time I decide to play the game.

I’ve deleted and reinstalled from disc, as well as made sure my settings get saved to my system (there is a save file)

Another profile on my Ps4 not connected to PSN does not have this problem.

I am not connected to the internet at this time

Hi @bronydad!

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. I would suggest making sure that you’re connected to the Internet and have received the latest update. If you are and that doesn’t fix it, just submit a support request at and our rad support team will be happy to help you.

I put in a ticket last night but haven’t gotten a reply yet, the email even suggests asking here lol.

The issue i’m having i can’t duplicate on any other sub account on my PS4, only the onIe with Plus. I do not have internet at the time, and was excited to play couch co op, but the whole BAR and Settings not carrying over from session to session is putting a real damper on everything.

I know it’s the day and age, but if I have to be connected to the internet to play a game out of the box that kinda sucks. Also looking over the patch notes/hot fixes, I don’t see anything that has to do with my problem.

Similar issue here on PS4 with the Badass Rank. I played yesterday and got some BA points and redeemed them all while playing. Saved and quit. Closed the app.

I started the game today, earned more BA points, went to redeem them and saw I was at BAR 20 with none of the bonuses listed that I spent points on yesterday. And I could only spend the few points I earned today. The bonuses were reset, but my points were not. I don’t see a way to reset BAR to reallocate the points I should have at that level. Hotfix and 8GB update installed.



Still no reply from customer support. which is fine I suppose

Downloaded the day 1 update, still have the issue.

Ok, I’ll play without badass rank and I’ll reset my settings every time I want to play, frustrating, but whatever.

Customization heads and skins not saving between play sessions. What’s next, eridium upgrades not saving with the character? Will I start losing guns and progression? This is frankly, rediculious.

I even tried returning the game, but the particular store chain I purchaced from (never again mind you) Won’t do a return on an opened new game. Obviously other people are having this issue

Hang in there. It’s a pretty busy week for everyone as we try to get everyone sorted out. Whats your ticket number?

I don’t even have a ticket number yet, just that the requests were recieved

I haven’t got a ticket number either.

I haven’t seen any further instances of my BAR points getting lost after my first run on launch day. I did notice recently that one of my skill points was “lost” and I had to buy a respec to reallocate and get the missing point back. Similar situation to the missing BAR points, but with skill trees a reset fixes it.

This does seem to be a huge issue. Even I’m having this problem, which like bronydad said isn’t even that big am issue for the ranks, it is however for the skins and heads. I’m not angry, I just hope the people at gearbox are able to fix this relatively fast.

I am also suffering from the problem. I have a as of yet unpatched out of the box PS4 version of the The Handsome Collection.

What I’ve ended up doing is creating another “profile” on my ps4 just for borderlands. It’s not the ideal fix, but it’s the only way i’ve gotten to keep heads/skins and BaR