BAR & BAR Perks Discussion

Mine has glitched twice in BL2 where it reset my point distribution. I haven’t had the reset glitch in TPS.

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while driving, No because the vehicle takes all damage, as a passenger in back, melee damage I would say no, but what about being shot, we know that they can be shot out of their vehicles, What about us can bullets hit us while we are in the back? sounds like this is a job for Commander Shepard


sorry just couldn’t help myself

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I just reset Maya’s UVHM in order to farm certain areas again. I also had recently prestige. I ended up capturing some footage of me completing a very easy BAR challenge and fairly quickly. I didn’t plan this. I just saw the oportunity and thought you might like this on your thread. :acmaffirmative:

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I just reset Maya’s UVHM in order to farm certain areas again. I also had recently prestige. I ended up capturing some footage of me completing a very easy BAR challenge and fairly quickly. I didn’t plan this.

Cool, another good place (that I always use when the mission is open) is in Liarsburg, “Cleaning Up The Berg” after picking it up and before killing all, go to the ones in the hole, at the top of the slope fire down over their heads to get their attention, they will run to the bottom of the slope and start tossing rocks at you, the bonus is up to 3 will be tossing rocks, so I normally can complete this challenge in less then 4 minutes with an Infinity (one of the many uses for that gun)

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since it has been almost a year since I first published them (april 2016), here are my old BAR stats,
BAR is 573323
Maximum Health 50.0%
Shield Capacity 45.2%
Shield Recharge Rate 31.9%
Shield Recharge Delay 28.7%
Melee Damage 1% (done by accident)
Grenade Damage 34.2%
Gun Accuracy 23.9%
Gun Damage 74.1%
Fire Rate 41.6%
Recoil Reduction 11.5%
Reload Speed 45.6%
Elemental Effect Damage 35.1%
Critical Hit Damage 33.3%

Now my new BAR and Stats to compare to the old stats

BAR is 839,000
Maximum Health 58.9%
Shield Capacity 54.8%
Shield Recharge Rate 39.6%
Shield Recharge Delay 30.4%
Melee Damage 1% (done by accident)
Grenade Damage 44.4%
Gun Accuracy 24.2%
Gun Damage 89.6%
Fire Rate 53.2%
Recoil Reduction 12.2%
Reload Speed 51.2%
Elemental Effect Damage 35.8%
Critical Hit Damage 36.9%

as I said previously, the main purpose of this thread is to explore when and if the BAR stat “Glitch” appears in the game on XB 1. That is when you concentrate on a few stats the lower stats start showing up more often, doubled or even tripled.
As can be seen between the two above stats, I still have only 13 Perks picked, and one is unchanged and several are barley changed.
The “Glitch” has still not shown up.
My goal to test the “Glitch” out is to continue to farm my BAR to at least 1million.

The secondary goal for this is to show New players or players transferring saves to the XB1 for the first time, is that that you don’t have to throw away your points into every perk, at first, but that you can pick out the ones that help your build the most first, then throw in the other ones later.
You do need to pick between 10 to 13 of the perks so that at least one of the perks you want to concentrate first on shows up each time you have a new BAR point to spend.

Third, posts for BL 2, TPS and even the FWG BL2 version (360 and XB 1) can be talked about here. you may post your BAR and perks here if you wish and any strategy (if any) on how your picking the BAR stats.

My thought also is that if I had just went with all stats instead of 13, most all my BAR perks would have been in the 40’s to the upper 50’s at this time and I reach this conclusion by comparing my stats with the ones I had on the 360 (at the time I transferred over, still have 360) when I had threw away points into every stat in BL 2.

While I can’t answer about questions about spike and absorb shields, here’s something fun: If you’re wearing a Love Thumper (Depleted, of course) and fire barrels from a Barrel Technical, the explosive nova from the LT will proc for some reason! But that’s not even the best part, it can destroy your vehicle x’D So, does that mean that the barrel is counted as a melee attack, and does the explosion from the LT trigger roid shield kills?

Another funny thing about the barrels, if you have a Grog Nozzle equipped (in your hand) sometimes the drunk effect will apply to a vehicle weapon, and this seems to happen periodically rather than randomly, most noticeable with the barrels where you can throw six at once when the drunk effect procs!


saw your BAR, I only have about another 50,000 to go before I catch up to you

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Sweet dude! that’s awesome. you did yours legitimately where as mine was from the slag glitch. I had this BAR back when the level cap was still 50. lol I started BAR farming in TPS. I no very little of BAR challenges and how to complete them in BL2. I know quite a bit more in TPS.

Yes, Tps Bar challenges seem easier to complete (except for couple Grinder challenges that just have a crazy amount of grinds to complete) as it has 1 or 2 missions where you can finish off a majority challenges without much effort.
whereas in BL 2 it seems there is more waiting/running around between spawns or even save & guitting to complete the challenges

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Well for me, it has to do with replay-ability. end game is where I live in all of the borderlands games. I love end game cause i love to farm. refining gear, getting something I’ve never seen. stuff like that keeps me playing. TPS doesn’t have as much end game ability as BL2. And for that reason alone is why i started farming BAR challenges in TPS. it just brought another “task” or “challenge” to a game that needs more things to do to keep me in Elpis. BL2 has so much to do. I just never needed to farm BAR challenges. too many other things that keep my attention in BL2.

I say the BAR challenges in TPS are easier, buuttt each Challenge it seems is worth ½ or less then what similar challenges are in BL 2.
A typical Gun Challenge in TPS, I believe, goes something like this,
1 = 1
2 = 5
3 = 10
4 = 25
5 = 50

whereas in BL 2, I believe it’s,
1 = 5
2 = 10
3 = 25
4 = 50
5 = 100

which to me means that you have to prestige more often or other Legit ways to push BAR Rank to get the BAR Perk percentages to a point where they even start to make a difference

and I do agree this adds more tasks to a Game that is short on stuff to do at End Game

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So this is almost a year old now?! Wow, time flies.

When you made this thread, I was at 51165 in TPS and 208849 in BL2. Now:

Had a couple Slag-Lickeds go off since then! lmao (I was on Zer0 last night, and when I got to Hyperius, I had 11 of those skins to dump off from the one session. XD)

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yah, be careful of that. I almost lost my Maya at level 50 when that glitch happened to me. I had hundreds of that damn skin fill my backpack to the point of crashing my game when trying to either sell them or drop them on the ground. I had to do it in phases of just under 100 items to drop at a time. over 100 crashed my system. that was on the 360.

I think you are correct for the most part. but I thought BL2 also has the first challenge at 1 point. then the next is 5 and so on. TPS doesn’t hit the 100 mark for the BAR challenges where as BL2 does hit the 100 point challenges. that’s all I have to add.

TPS goes 1/5/10/25/50

BL2 goes 1/5/10/50/100

So the first three levels are the same, but then BL2’s challenges give a significantly higher amount of BAR for ranks 4 and 5.

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Never had it that bad! 100? Geeze, I usually end up with 10-15 at most if I’m not paying attention. That’s crazy.

So what do you guys think? The Grinder challenge in TPS: the last level of that is like 25,000 grinds. Do you think that was a mistake? I feel like it was supposed to be 2500 which is somewhat realistic.

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this is Borderlands! answer: YES!

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lmao true true.

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that’s what I think also, somebody slipped in the development and no one caught it in time. that last level grinder challenge would take years for somebody that just has to complete 100% of the challenges, all the other challenges would be long completed before that challenge was even close to be done.

:+1: :joy:

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I guess I should stop prestige 'ing.