BAR & BAR Perks Discussion

a few of the BAR Challenges that are easy to complete using the “Capture Guardian” mission is, Death From Above, and the 2 Melee Challenges, all of the weapon challenges, some shield challenges, I will add others as I get the exact name of the challenges to write down.

One main thing about the “Capture a Guardian” mission is that it is an end game mission, so you’ll have to wait till end game to be able to take advantage of it, but it is well worth it as it does finish off a lot of challenges.

My BL2 one continues to grow at an astronomical rate.
When I transferred over, I just mashed X and spent all the points that way. But I love my gun and crit damage when I see them, as well as fire rate and reload speed.

I have a similar situation. But it’s my son. And he comes up and grabs my hand and tries to slowly and gently peel my hand from my controller. LOL It’s actually cute. That is when I step away for a moment.

I did the same thing. It takes so long to distribute all those tokens. Since my BAR was reset I have not re-distributed my tokens. I have 2,000 and change. :smile: That’s a lot of button mashing. This time around I think i’m going to be strategic about the distribution, kinda like what @LunaticOne has been kind enough to share with us. :slight_smile:

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Yeah originally on PS3, I did pick my specific bonuses, and I do now as well. But when I first transferred and had a boatload to spend, I just did two or three sessions of ‘mash the X button as quickly as possible’. lol

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this same method can also be used in Borderlands 2 using Sanctuary, with the same quick results.

I have started using this method more in BL2 or at least resetting the Bar challenges on all the toons that have reached the minimum amount completed to allow this. Then running them through the BarRoom Brawl, doing this it is very easy to recomplete 20 to 30 Bar challenges within the first 45 minutes.

the BarRoom is very much like the Guardian mission in TPS as you can complete a lot of the Bar Challenges using it.

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Started applying my BAR tokens in BL2. Man is this a long process. I started with 2055 tokens. I’m down to about 1500 now. it just takes so long when you’re trying to strategize your token distribution.

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Wish I had that many tokens

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The reason for me finally getting around to applying said tokens, is for Axton. :wink:

I like to use my BAR when leveling up toons. once I hit level cap I turn it off. so that is why I started applying the tokens. I am not speccing into shield delay, so I can take advantage of roid shields If I so desire. but I am speccing into shield recharge rate. also speccing into Melee, which I never do. gonna change it up a bit.


Just don’t spec elemental chance or damage. Everything else can be helpful.


way ahead of ya on that. :wink: have not and will not, this time around. LOL

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My bar in tps is going to be much more tactical then my bl2 bar is. If I leave 3 stats untouched I’ll always have atleast one good option for my tokens

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I’ve left at least 4 untouched in TPS and there is always at least 1 of what I want whenever I need to spend a new Bar token. And yes, in BL 2 on the 360 I had points in everything and could not change it fast enough after transferring over to the xbox1, if I remember right, it was because everything I read about them said you had to and then came TPS and I picked what I wanted and nothing Bad happened (in fact most all good), which is why I started this thread to let everyone know that there is options, that you can carefully choose your perks to match how you want to play and leave out what you don’t want.

So any tips or Idea’s you have along these lines is more then welcome here[quote=“Piemanlee, post:30, topic:1350037”]
Just don’t spec elemental chance or damage.

as with this Why? What are the Drawbacks of both?, Chance I haven’t spec’ed in but damage I have, to me “Chance” is a waste of tokens, whereas Damage does seem to increase with it

I find chance to be almost useless because for example if I want a slag gun then I pick one with n already high percent chance to slag.

For damage not sure about tps but in bl2 in uvhm unless you were krieg or Maya dots were almost useless

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I do agree with the "Elemental Chance " reason.

But as for “Elemental Damage” at least in BL 2 not sure I agree, I use Sal to power level in the BarRoom Brawl (at OP7 for the moment), I do use norfleets to start the round, but then switch to tossing out “Storm Fronts” for the duration and they literally melt the mobs.
Of Course I am “Gunzerking” so tossing them out 2 at a time, but for the most part I attribute most of the damage to having this “Elemental Effect Damage 35.1%” in that perk.
I do also run around the game with an OP8 Commando that uses several elemental guns as well as grenades and still knocks a good dent in UVHM mobs.
Now I do agree with something I believe that @Derch said that most of the effects are not really noticeable until you hit about the 20 - 25% range in those perks, so if someone has only 10% in the “Elemental Damage” (or any others) then in UVHM especially they will not see much results.
Also I believe mine might also be affected by a combination of a few other Bar Perks such as “Gun Damage 74.1%”, "Grenade Damage 34.2% and maybe 1 or 2 others.

In TPS it’s harder to say as my Bar is lower and I have just hit around the 20% range on most Bar Perks there, but it can be said that at this moment “Elemental” effects there are not to good yet

I have to agree at 30%+ it should make a difference. I think you 75% gun damage and 35% grenade damage have a bigger impact but every little bit helps and I’m fairly certain bar can glitch in bl2 and only give you the options you don’t take like have all of them be Max health.

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I never said it couldn’t happen,

in fact I kind of consider my Bar picks as a sort of experiment to find out when that glitch will kick in or not, so far for Both BL 2 and TPS that glitch has not occurred yet and to let people know that, at least at first you do not need to put points into every BAR perk at first, but they can strategically place the points to help out the style of play that they want.
Maybe I should talk more about the BAR Glitch, but it is hard to talk about something that has not happened to me yet. If someone has more data on it then post it here so people can see their options, what perks are better first for a melee build? whats perks are better first if you use nova shields? as I said this is why I made this thread

same goes for @Kurtdawg13, if you know something specific that I haven’t mentioned please put it out

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^ This… :smile:

Since my first run through BL2 I button mashed my tokens and just let them fall where they may. This time around, I am being strategic with the token distribution. With that in mind, it is kinda of an experiment. Reason I’m not spec’ing into the elemental damage or chance, is to see if it is noticeable. I used to have 40% on all BAR stats. not having 40% in elemental chance and damage is what I’d like to see if there is any discernible difference in game play. if I don’t notice anything, then I’m not missing anything. and those points can be better suited elsewhere.

And to further the not spec’ing into the elemental damage and chance, is I am a huge Jacobs fan. some of my fav weapons are non-elemental. so yah…

With BofA relics to compensate, it’s almost overkill in a sense. but, no verdict yet, haven’t finished distributing all my tokens. once I’ve done that I’ll be able to say whether it was effective or not. :wink:

Also working on Axton and Zero. Thus, melee BAR perks and Nade damage perks I am all about at the moment.

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Cool, can’t wait till the final results.

Last night had someone message me on xbox live, asking about whether resetting would cause everything to reset, I am assuming the person is talking about the resetting of BAR Challenges.

it is covered some pretty good in this thread, Step-by-step Prestige Guide - Prestige Top Gear - Finalized , but as it does concern BAR Ranking I will also cover it some here.

In short, if you hit reset on the BAR page of your menu, all it will reset is your BAR Challenges to be done over again, thus increasing your BAR Ranking for all your Toons. Resetting, will NOT reset your BAR Rank, nor will it reset your BAR perks, those are permanent.

I’d like the ability to reset BAR perks in the next installment of Borderlands. Being stuck with what you selected early on before fully understanding what can be done is a little frustrating.

it’s like being stuck with the same build not being able to reset your skill points. it’s kinda like that for me.

Sorry for editing so much. But I would think that being able to reset your BAR perks/stats would be a good thing, but of course it would have to come at a cost. We pay $ to reset skill points. Maybe a good pay off would be when you get the chance to prestige, you’ll have the option to re-distribute your BAR perks. Thus, giving you the ability to find synergies with BAR as well as gear and skill points, per character respectively.

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