BAR & BAR Perks Discussion

I believe this will be a little different (I hope) from other similar threads in the past. After consulting JoeKGBX, we believe this section of the forum is a good place for this.

There are several things I’d like to see discussed here. Items that can be discussed include;

  1. Your BAR and what perks you have distributed your perks into and why those specific ones.

  2. BAR tokens, Strategies on which perks to concentrate on for such things as a melee build or what perks you would want to avoid if you use Nova shields.

  3. Techniques and Strategies for farming BAR Rank/Tokens.

                     The Rules are Simple
    1. Please, No talk of methods that are forbidden by the Forum Rules. If you are unsure of the Rules they may be found here;
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    2. While there may be Spoilers, we should be able to keep them down to a minimum.
    3. Both “Borderlands 2” and “The Pre-Sequel” may be discussed here.

To start it off my BAR Rank in The Pre-Sequel and the Perks I’ve applied Tokens to

BAR: 231804

Maximum Health 38.1%
Shield Capacity 33.3%
Shield Recharge Rate 25.5%
Grenade Damage 27.5%
Gun Accuracy 21.0%
Gun Damage 43.9%
Fire Rate 26.0%
Recoil Reduction 11.2%
Reload Speed 25.7%
Elemental Effect Damage 31.6%
Critical Hit Damage 24.7%

The main reasoning behind how I’ve picked my perks is to increase my health to minimize 1 shots putting me into FFYL
The reason for increasing the damage perks, is for when I do go into FFYL, I have a better chance of fighting my way out of it before they duck behind cover or jump away.


Borderlands TPS

Bar 282353

Maximum Health +27.0%
Shield Capacity +24.2%
Shield Recharge Delay -20.7%
Shield Recharge Delay +20.7%
Melee Damage +19.6%
Grenade Damage +26.2%
Gun Accuracy +16.8%
Gun Damage +45.2%
Fire Rate +31.9%
Recoil Reduction +17.4%
Reload Speed +35.6%
Elemental Effect Chance +21.6%
Elemental Effect Chance +22.4%
Critical Hit Damage 27.5%
Gun damage Critical Hit Reload Speed Fire Rate because this is my favourite and the best perks to choose imo. I started playing as Nisha and now Jack and Aurelia my favourite so Acc uslless. I dont play melle that often most challenges are doing just by playing but I do some in NVHM (Guardian Hunter,Vehicle).


Nice! Very well done @LunaticOne. I will post my stats when I have access to see what I’m currently at. just wanted to say, Well done. :slight_smile:


A little more Background on my BAR Perk choices. As you can see there are several perks missing, if they are not posted, then there are 0 tokens (0%) in them. So no you do not have to put points into every single one at the beginning. You may have to at a later date, when/if the glitch catches up to you.
Until then you can concentrate on the perks that you want to push and ignore the others for a while. My suggestion, is to pick out 10 to 12, perks that you want to concentrate the most on, put points in them. The premise behind this is that as you accumulate Bar tokens and go to place them, at least one of the Perks you have picked will show up each time.

as I mentioned earlier, these 3 perks have been chosen to minimize getting put into FFYL in one shot. I continually increase max health and shield capacity for this. The shield recharge rate is to speedup the recharge of the shield before the next hit. I have purposely left out the “Shield Recharge Delay”, because I do use Nova Shields in TPS and this perk can not be changed after putting a point in it, unlike the skill tree that can be changed on a whim. Without “Shield Recharge Delay” your Nova Shield is basically at factory settings and you can use mods or other gear to actually increase the time before the shield starts recharging from a hit, thus increasing the time your shield is giving out nova blasts.

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“Reload Speed” is one I consider as a must have. How many times in FFYL have you lost that fight because of a slow reload? or your in the middle of a mob trying to stay out of FFYL and a slow reload causes you to get put in FFYL?
My theory, is the more points in “Reload Speed” the better you may be able to fight your way out of FFYL or even stay out of it in the first place

and it goes hand in hand with these 2 Perks,

the faster you fire, reload and fire again + increased damage = more bullets fired and more damage done to your target. Which is very helpful in FFYL, as everyone knows, those targets will not stand there very long and let you shoot them before they duck behind cover or jump away.


I thought I’d share a little tip about farming BAR via the Guardian Hunter mission. After a while the game will start to lag as the frame rate starts to drop. It will get increasingly laggy as you continue. Typical fix is too save/quit and start again. What I do, is go into my menu(backpack) and quickly exit out. By doing that I notice the lag stops immediately and I can continue on without having to save/quit. This is a small alleviation from the inevitable lag that continue to increase. Just rinse/repeat. It’s a time saver imo. I just keep doing it as the lag starts to become no longer tolerable.


ahh yes my favorite mission for farming BAR Challenges, you can do all the Gun BAR challenges, except 2nd wind challenges there easily, along with melee challenges, Grenade Challenges, some shield challenges, day Kills and night kills challenges, along with several others.
you do have to watch out for the lag there though especially if you are killing them at a fast pace.
another little trick to preserve your progress there if the game lags out, is to go into backpack menu, go to your BAR stats, toggle your BAR off then back on, this forces a save, so that if/when the game does freeze you only lose a little progress, in stead of a lot


Regarding 2nd wind “I33t h4XOrz” mission is good in many ways .I can increase the difficulty level and do OC/CD, Little on side. Also Shodow Tp may appear and he drops Leser Disker which is a good weapon when it comes to doing challenges.


Actually, I do those at the Guardian Hunter mission as well. I use the laser disker and shoot their feet while being right in their face, which downs me and provides the second wind at the same time. you can only do this a few times, after about 4-5 you will “insta-die”. The Laser Disker is an AMAZING weapon, not just for the laser BAR challenges and the RL BAR challenges. It covers a lot of ground and is epically OP while just mobbing and farming while not at the Guardian Hunter mission. :wink:


I just posted about the LD and then I see your comment. all i can say is, YES! :smile:

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Yes, I took the lazy way. :sunglasses:


About LD I tested by playing as fragtrap on NVHM that this small tesla when reloads can crit and counts for Aggressive Lasik, Light’em up challenges but very rarely. Nisha can use this? On the wiki LD is a picture without sight. LD can not have sight? I know that sometimes on the wiki are false information. I’m curious.

3 prestige :acmaffirmative: I’m now going to 4 with my Aurelia leaving Nisha only on 1 prestige but very close 2.


actually, if it doesn’t have a sight, it’s gibbed. all legendaries, iirc cannot spawn legitimately without a sight/scope. I am pretty sure that goes for all weapon classes. Also, if the LD is luneshined, that is a big hint on it being gibbed. :wink: my guess is it’s luneshined. LOL I have seen it with randoms.

Very nice. I love to Prestige. my nisha is going on her 4th at the moment. I think I’m pretty close to hitting my 4th. gotta check my BAR challenges when i get home tonight to see if I can get her to 4 this evening.

The fact that you have prestiged with multiple character is freakin awesome. That’s a lot of time to invest. I don’t focus on my other character when it comes to BAR farming. Which brings me to another point.

My Nisha is the only character that has noticeable lag when passing save stations. I think it is due to the save file size. Being as it’s the largest from all my characters. This is most likely due to the amount of BAR challenges completed with her. I have no factual proof to this, just what I’ve noticed and speculated on. It was horrible on the 360. the xbone it’s much better and I’m sure that is due to the ramped up processing speed and just general specs of the next gen console being at least 4 times better than it’s prediccessor. I bring this up to see if anyone else has noticed this issue with one of their character that have prestiged a lot.

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I know that some legendary can not have luneshine. But now that I think I never seen torrent had sight.

And there we have it. I knew there were some exceptions. As there usually is with Borderlands. LOL

Thanks for remembering that. I love my cryo Torrent and it does not have a scope/sight. Touche on that. :wink:

I have more to add on that but don’t want to derail @LunaticOne thread. Follow me:

Cool, Congats on those
Prestigeing is a Good way to work the BAR, complete all of or the number of BAR challenges needed, then reset and do it all again. While it is good it is , IMO, a slow way of raising the bar.
I’m not sure if I have actually prestige a toon in TPS (if I have it’s prob. only 1 time), may have 2 or 3 real close

which brings me to the next way that is almost like prestigeing, and that is to take a toon through the game paying attention to the challenges as you go knocking some off here and there as you progress, but then at end game (any mode) going to say The Guardian mission and pounding out all the challenges that can be completed there and then doing that with the next toon. again a little faster, but maybe not as much BAR rank as if you had prestige that toon.

the 3rd method that I use along side the first 2 is a lot quicker at pushing BAR rank up, it’s a method that uses what I call Throw-Away Toons.
These are toons whose only purpose in their short life is to travel to Concordia (in a friends game or a second account), pound out 1 to 4 BAR challenges, then fade away to be replaced by a new toon, this is the fastest way to push the BAR up quick, legit.
Using this method, I have pushed BAR rank up 8 to 15,000 points in a few hours time.
What challenges you use does not matter, just pick out 1 to 3 that you believe can be done quickest and go to it. while it is quick, it is tedious and more like work.

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As I said Both games BAR Challenges and stats may be discussed here.

Here is my Borderlands 2 BAR and Perks

BAR is 573323

Maximum Health 50.0%
Shield Capacity 45.2%
Shield Recharge Rate 31.9%
Shield Recharge Delay 28.7%
Melee Damage 1% (done by accident)
Grenade Damage 34.2%
Gun Accuracy 23.9%
Gun Damage 74.1%
Fire Rate 41.6%
Recoil Reduction 11.5%
Reload Speed 45.6%
Elemental Effect Damage 35.1%
Critical Hit Damage 33.3%

as I said Melee Damage was a mistake, I was half asleep, resetting my BAR perks after transferring my toons from the 360 and my cat jumped into my lap :relaxed:

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as I power level, using the bar room brawl at OP 7, the way I worked the perks allow me to survive most hits and keep my shields up. As I don’t use Nova shields in this game, I have invested a lot of BAR tokens into Shield Recharge Delay, this allows the shield to start recharging almost as soon as it gets hit and of course a high Recharge Rate will allow it to fill a lot faster, thus reducing the Damage my health bar.

These stats were picked to give me the ability to do the most damage in the least amount of time and give me the best chance to get out of FFYL.