BAR. Get it transfered dangit

I want my earned BAR

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Careful, if you have the audacity to say anything negative, they will delete your post. No answer, no response to whether the BAR issue will be fixed, your post just gets swept under the rug

They can sweep all they want. All it would take is a few clicks to get a petition going, and the bad press that follows. So Gearbox I’m daring you.

See my post is gone already

Oh they just deleted your comment before my eyes. It is gone.

Yep I seen that

Don’t know why they have it in for me. All I did was ask if I could play now, or if I had to wait or lose my original BAR

Yea I read your post. Seen nothing wrong.

Just want to know if I can play what I paid for or I have to wait. Reasonable question. It’s actually ridiculous now, and if it continues I’m going to lodge a complaint with Xbox live.

Yes. That might actually get us some answers. I want to play the Claptastic dlc, but am afraid to myself.

Why are y’all deleting his conversation with me Gearbox? This is rediculous. here I go.

Gearbox are working on the problem. Do you want them to give you an incorrect response?

I know it’s hard, but please be patient.

Spamming this place with threads, like that other user, won’t make any fix happen sooner.

CAN I PLAY IN THE MEANTIME OR NOT? I know fixes don’t happen instantly, I want to know if I can play it or not.

This is all that was needed. I read these post for well over an hour. People asking and asking. All that was needed was one official “we encountered an unforseen problem and are working on it”. They let us know the loyalty program wasn’t running yet. They could’ve issued a similar statement about this. That is all that was needed. Instead of crickets.

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It would be nice to know if playing in the meantime is ok or not too.
But captain exploit the wee power I have is having too much fun deleting my question instead of answering it.

You can play the claptastic dlc, I completed it this morning. You need to be patience and let gearbox resolve the issue of badass rank and stuff not transferring.

Yeah, we can play anything we want now, but progression rewards (skins and bar) will be overwritten when the problem is fixed. Patience is possible only when information is shared, I believe was flash’s point. It’s hard to be patient when you prebuy something, then there is a problem and there is no one telling you any information while you ask what is going on.

I’m going to hold off playing until they fix the issue Hopefully it will be soon,

Yes but you need to understand that all game launches are not perfect. Halo The Master Chief Collection and GTA 5 Heists are perfect examples. I believe Borderlands 2 on XBOX 360 also had issues, especially with their compatibility packs. I didn’t expect for it to work perfect. I am in it for the achievements so I will wait for the issues to be resolved. BTW, the claptastic DLC was fun.

I understand perfectly. Yes I am disappointed I have to wait further, but it happens.
What I can’t abide is asking a simple question and being ignored and having the majority of my posts deleted. I get it dude, I love this game too and would try to defend it if someone was saying negative things about it. But understand, the game is not my issue, the ignorance and deletion of my questions is what I find unacceptable.