BAR reset, all skins and heads are erased!

Thurs my Pre Sequel characters had all BAR reset and all skins and heads taken.
. I am STILL waiting for tech support. Sunday they gave me a bunch of tokens for Borderlands 2. I only have 3 Borderlands 2 characters, none above level 11 but a BAR of 30k.
. I have 8 main characters in the Pre Sequel, levels 40, 37, 35, 30, 26, 12, 5, and 4 all with BAR of 0 (5k now after farming). I ONLY want what earned. Need 13,000 BAR, not more or less. I would also like all my heads and skins back, the ones that can be replaced.
. NOT Borderlands 2, PRE SEQUEL! I may never buy from this company again.

I suggest you file a POLITE support ticket, mentioning that your problem is with TPS and not BL2.