Bar reset glitch

So,I was playing Borderlands 2 some months ago and from nowhere my BAR were reset,I don´t know what to do.

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File a support ticket with 2K. They’ll probably ask you to try reloading your saves and hitting “Continue” before save-quitting and loading the next one, so you might want to do that pre-emptively. It’s supposed to help but, from what I’ve seen in the tech support threads, it doesn’t seem to work for XB1/PS4 (not sure if either or both.) They should, however, be able to help you out to some extent. Did you check your heads and skins btw? Might want to do that as well before you contact them.

Support is this-a-way:

Did you have BL2 on the 360 before getting it on the xbone? The reason I ask is because I too had my BAR reset and all points were gone. The fix, was to bring my character save from the cloud back to my xbone as a new character, so it didn’t overwrite my existing. That brought my BAR back. It was lower that I was just because it’s where I left off on 360, but it’s better than nothing. :wink:

I hope it works out for you. I know it can be frustrating, especially if you have spent quite a bit of time building it up. Good luck.

edit: here is a link to my situation, that was never responded too. I just fixed it myself. :acmaffirmative:

It happened to me again. This time I just laughed…

Sure enough, went to see if the heads/skins disappeared again. LMAO…

Be glad yours is resetting. I just transferred my characters and all from my 360 to my Xbox One and as I play every 20-30 mins during a save or something my entire game freezes up. Didn’t do that till I transferred all my old saves over and my BAR was near my original one. I spent years working it up as high as I have it and still from reading, never hit the max limit.