Bar Room Blitz Enforcer Spawns

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We haven’t advanced much further past the Bar Room Blitz because we’ve been a little too stubborn on trying to get it to work. Next time we play we’ll probably continue on with the campaign and work on the other missions that hook you up with the 20 torgue tokens.

I came across another buggy PS3 issue last night. After I posted last night and my buddy left, I decided to try the ole “use a weaker character in Normal mode” trick because screw it I was frustrated. Well, I loaded up my weaker Zero in Normal mode, then loaded up my buddy’s level 69 Sal as the second player (different accounts, same PS3). My buddy’s Sal has completed the same missions as my level 69 Maya, but my level 41 Zero hasn’t touched any of the DLC yet. So, since my 41 Zero is the first player, I have to progress through a bit of the Torgue DLC story line before I can get to the Bar Room Blitz. However, when I got to the part to do the arena, the arena simply would not open. It just says “Wait for the Arena to Prepare” or something along those lines, and it just stays there, the game wouldn’t progress. This has happened to me before in other levels. For example, one time I was trying to kill Angel, but every time I went into her chambers no enemies would load. Or an enemy would get stuck in a wall. Every. Single. Time.

So obviously my PS3 has issues with this game, both DLC and non DLC. I did some more research on Game Data vs Save Data last night and it turns out I can delete game data without losing my characters. But I wonder…would deleting Game Data actually help? Would it help clear up some issues? Or will I always have these issues? I’m also still wondering if simply deleting the game’s cache would work (if that is even possible).

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as I said earlier don’t have a PS3 so I won’t be of much help

you can try to find help here

or submit a trouble ticket here

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You have to “wait” in a specific spot to trigger the thing. Try going back to the vending machines and Hyperion crate by the map entrance. Similarly when you want to do Bar Room Brawl, make sure that ALL players are upstairs by the battle board - if one of you stays down below, the doors don’t close and the room doesn’t reset.

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Yes we are following all the trigger points. I wait in the spot for the arena to open, but it won’t open. For Bar Room Blitz, we go up to the mission board, accept, get to the rally point, do down to the green doors, open it up, get ourselves in position to kill the most bandits in the shortest amount of time, start shooting, only get 1-3 badasses in the 2:45. Although we did manage to get 4 just before my friend left.

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Just to be clear, this is the spot marked by the area way-point on the map, correct? I only ask because I’ve made the mistake of waiting by the metal door multiple times, and that’s not the location you need to trigger the script.

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Hmm. I thought I was but now that you mention it, maybe I wasn’t lol. I was definitely waiting by the metal door. I’ll double check tonight.

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That’s the wrong spot. I know it seems like the right place, but the map marker is actually back at the board. It’s a bit of an odd design choice, to be honest - as I said, I’ve made the same mistake multiple times before.

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I also play on the 360/XBox One but as far as the badass enforcers in the Barroom Brawl- make sure to search the little narrow areas underneath the stairs. Those guys sometimes tend to wandder off back there attacking the other patrons and if it’s a bit chaotic, you could miss them…

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Mission Board is in the rally point area, also as long as everyone is on that side of the room upstairs it will trigger.

Green Doors , Check all good to here

only getting 1 to 4 BadAsses, it does sound to me like there is one getting stuck in a corner somewhere,
do as @Carlton_Slayer suggests

As I stated I use Storm Fronts and try to toss them in corners as I run by, this normally kills anything stuck in the corners over time or at the least lets me know something’s there.

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lol yep it was definitely the wrong spot. Thanks for the heads up.

If this were the case then we’d be able to find them after the timer runs out. They don’t disappear after the timer runs out, so if they were wandering around somewhere we’d at least find them after the chaos. They’re simply not spawning.

Farming on a console is a tedious chore. I’ve tried it, my friend has tried it, it sucks. So whatever legendary weapons I get are from pure luck playing through the game. With that said, I did manage to get a Chain Lightening grenade mod while playing Tiny Tina’s DLC, and other than the fact that I am stupid with it and shock myself all the bleeping time, that thing is great. I don’t know if it’s as good as the storm front, but it sounds like it has a similar end result of widespread damage.

I did the normal mode trick last night. Used a lower power character as player 1, then loaded up a powerful character as player 2, then just ran through enemies. And let me tell you…SO MUCH FUN! After slaving away at UVHM since around level 53 (at 69 now) it felt amazing one shot killing everything in my path and seeing their bodies explode. So when I got to the Bar Room Blitz it was joyful slaughtering bandits in a tight space. When I played as Sal, my buddy’s character, I still found myself finishing with only a few dozen seconds left, even failing a couple times (super embarrassing but then again I’m not practiced with Sal). But when it was my Maya’s turn…finishing with 1:45 left was not unusual. I barely even fired shots, just phase lock with convergence, subsequence, helios and ruin, and chain lightening (which regenerates grenades). I love UVHM because I truly appreciate the difficulty; I don’t like easy games. But holy crap I had so much fun last night I may do it again tonight lol

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Cloud Kill is also highly effective, especially when you drop down to NVHM. I haven’t really farmed Pete’s Bar with Sal, mostly Maya and Axton. Axton with Gemini is really fast: one turret each side on the ceiling, then just circle clearing out the areas under the stairs the turrets can’t reach.

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I totally forgot about cloud kill. Everything was instant kill so I didn’t even notice the cloud take effect since the bandit was dead before the cloud even formed. That’s a great strategy for Axton, btw.

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I’ve been doing the brawl with Sal for about half a level now (almost 70); he routinely finishes with a bit over 1:30 left on the timer. Deputy build, now using a blue Quad though any Deputy-suitable shotgun will be fine. The Quad can one-shot enemies reliably even without Money Shot, so unless a target moves to the side at just the right moment (or someone knocks Sal with a melee hit) every trigger pull kills something.

I guess I’m sort of in the opposite position from VaultHunter101; it’s been ages since I’ve had Maya in there, mostly Sal and Krieg, with a little bit of Axton too. :slight_smile: I’ll have to try splitting the turrets like that when he comes back.

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What system do you play on? Now I’m even more embarrassed that I sometimes fail in normal mode when I’m way OP for the enemies while you’re finishing with 1:30 left in UVHM. My friend and I really need to revisit his Sal build because everywhere I read he is supposed to be OP yet my Maya is consistently stronger than his Sal.

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Don’t forget- the skill of the player has a large degree to do with how well the character performs… :smile:


For a character like Sal who can one-shot the enemies in UVHM, the playthrough really doesn’t matter. :slight_smile: Sal is more build-dependent than most VHs, so if your friend has a build that isn’t working very well it’s certainly worth a look. I love the Deputy build, personally. A lot of other Sal players like the standard Harold/Grog setup with Inconceivable setting up chains of Money Shots. While leveling one would use a slag Rubi, level doesn’t matter.

I’d give the credit to the build and DeputyChuck in this case; I’m not a notably skilled player by any stretch of the imagination!

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I’ve seen Deputy Sal pop up in a few threads I’ve read in recent days. I’m curious enough that I think I’m gonna start a new Sal and have him Deputized at the end when all is said and done. :slight_smile:


I think you should :wink:

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I second that. Long live Deputy Sal @DeputyChuck

My favorite build by far. and so much flexibility with the build variation. You can go heavy BRAWN tree or not. I’ve played with quite a few variations. all of which hold up on their own without a doubt.