BAR stats pushed off the list...?

Got everything up to at least +100.0%, but Critical Hit Damage got pushed off the list, and there’s no way to scroll down to check it.

You must play a lot

Are you ever NOT playing this game?!

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0.0 dude, I have over 1000 hrs and only ~20% BAR, that’s insane

Go to marcus target range in sanctuary. Turn off BAR. Shoot target bandit in head. Turn BAR on. Shoot bandit in head again. Factor on your gun damage boost from bar while doing math. Should tell you what is going on with your crit BAR.

How many tokens does it take to get a 100% BAR? Right now my BAR is 25% and it took about a thousand tokens to get there. I’ve heard it takes more tokens to raise a stat the higher it goes…

It does, diminishing returns

Afaik .3% is the lowest it goes for raising a stat also he may have had his bar glitch or that old glitch where slag licked I believe would repeat over and over at level 5

Been playing on/off since almost D1. TBH, I’m not exactly sure how it happened. And yeah, the returns go down severely. But point is, I’m not sure what my Critical stat currently is at since I can’t see it, nor is there any way to scroll down to see it. In any case, tho, I’m not gonna bother dropping anymore into it.

@steamnixtest: Thanks, gonna go try that later.

How many characters and how many prestiges? It’s easier to rack up BAR points on the earlier tiers, which are always accessible with new characters or after prestiging (is that a word? It is now!)

I know someone that had the BAR glitch on Healing. If he went into FFYL, and got out with a rocket, it would trigger the glitch ( using a Maya with regen relic ) for the healing achievement, but it would do it over and over again. He let it go once to see if it would stop, and it kept going for 15 minutes. He finally kicked out of the game to make it stop. His BAR was over 7 million, and he had 150% on everything. Would have been higher, but he got bored having to select tokens. Funny thing is, I finally shamed him into turning his BAR off, since it wasn’t fair in co-op play, since mine wasn’t even 12%. He started bitching so much, “I HATE this! I can’t kill anything now!” The big wuss.


I would ultimately like to get it to 100%, which means I might still be playing this game on its 10th anniversary- a distinct possibility :sunglasses:

No, you didn’t.

Wow I’m not trying to be rude but there was a very common glitch in the past which caused peoples bar stats to get insanely high. I assume that’s what happens to his that or he never quits playing bl2. He never stated how it got that high he just said he got it that high.

I would be satisfied to get about 70% on select BAR stats, only have between 25% to 40% on all stats, which could put me close to that when I transfer over to XB1 and get to reallocate my BAR tokens

been playing BL2 from day 1, would of loved to take advantage of the slag glitch, but it never seemed to happen on my game and I used slag a lot

at a little 600,000 Bar, I’ve only prestiged 2times (also I count a Prestige as having completed ALL BAR challenges, not just when you get enough to reset), its as you said, its easier using new toons to pickup the easier challenges and repeating the process

I’ve Prestiged all 6 characters twice and made enough mules to get some tokens from them but as they tend to stay In Sanctuary none of them gave me a lot. I’ve gotten the achievement for completing at lest the level 1 BAR challenges with 1 character but 100% on everything? Bravo sir- bravo…:+1:

Yeah the lines break earlier if one has 100%+ BAR and once you reach +1000% it just says “Gullible isn’t in the dictionary”.

It takes 26 tokens to reach a bonus of 11.5% and every token after that gives +0.3%, meaning it requires
(100-11.5)/0.3=295 further tokens to reach 100% for a total of 26+295=321 tokens per stat, meaning 321*14=4494 tokens in total. The badass rank requires to get that many tokens is 4494°(1.8)=3756120 (after rounding down). Completing every single challenge on one character results in a badass rank of 24578, meaning you would have to do this roughly 3756120/24578=152,8 times.

Borderlands 2 was released on September 18, 2012. That was roughly 1226 days ago or 29424 hours before you made your post. Let’s say you played the game for 8 hours per day, roughly 10000 hours in total. If you “aren’t exactly sure how it happened” like you say, chances are you didn’t spend literally thousands of hours specifically grinding your BAR. Meaning you don’t have that much BAR without cheating.

Or taking advantage of the BAR glitch. I got hit with it after reinstalling BL2 on my XBox One. I sent in a ticket to Gearbox support and they restored my BAR to 288,000 in small batches. Before they started doing that I uploaded another character from the 360 and restored my BAR to its original status (except that I lost the 177 gold keys I had). Now my original BAR total will be almost doubled, so he may not have been cheating but another glitch of some type might help explain it…

This. I don’t see why people don’t think that the glitch is most likely what occured to the OP.

@maxageddon / @Piemanlee: The returns definitely diminish. Past 100%, it’ll go down as low as 0.1%.

@VaultHunter101 6 mains, 6 secondaries that turned into storage after TVHM, and a bunch of straight-up dedicated storage.

@Carlton_Slayer That might be it. I do make backups of my files every time I make any major change(s). That said, if it is the case, it was never a conscious attempt.