BAR was reset on BL2

I’ve seen this elsewhere and don’t know a fix for this. I’m on Xbox one with THC, and I’ve been playing for quite some time now. I had around 8000 BAR (I’m a noob I know) and loaded it up today only to find its now at 110.

Before this, I had an error appear on the menu that said something about having an issue connecting online. It also reset all of my in-game settings. I suspect maybe that error had something to do with it. Is there anyway I can restore my BAR?

I noticed this happening with one of my accounts, where I am loading into it to either support another player, or by myself. The change was for the worse on this account, and I’ve never been able to restore the number of tokens or ranking I used to have. Let us say you previously had gun damage at 15%. Then you notice it has gone down to 5%. I theorize that this can happen due to multiple accounts interacting, where the account that got the hammer is the second or third to load into the game and it is being done on the in-game page, not the Main Menu.

The only revenge I can suggest is to run your UVHM character in NVHM or TVHM and choosing easy activities like Fink’s Slaughterhouse. Simple cheesy activities are the way to go, and since BAR points are not based on XP but just killing or collecting, this is the only way to get the percentages back to where they should be. Even creating new characters (say level 30) will add to ranking if you stick with normal activities.

Happened to me a few years back. GBX support said there was nothing I could do, so starting prestiging my vault hunters again to get BAR back. Skins and heads were lost too…including some one-time only ones, so I suggest not changing any of your heads or skins on your vault hunters if they have not been found and unlocked in the quick change machine.

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If you have multiple save files, loading them in one at a time might restore some of the BAR points. If you have save files from the previous version of the game (360 or backwards compatible version) and can still fire up that version somehow, you could also try re-transferring them. Otherwise no, there isn’t much you can do.

Basically, if there’s some sort of interruption while your BL2 profile and/or save file is being updated and it gets corrupted, the game does it’s best to restore from a backup copy. This backup copy isn’t automatically updated though. There are ways to trigger this; I usually make a point of switching between each of my saves from time to time at the character select menu. You’ll notice save file activity whenever you do this.