Barbaric yawp is still broken

So I’m just out here with my Flak trying to make the best of the pet bonuses from my friend bot class mod. I noticed that whether I have my friend bot mod with +4 Barbaric Yawp or the other with +3 my pet bonuses for my Spiderant Scorcher are capped at 3% health regen and 30% elemental damage.
So whether I have 9/5 (360% bonuses) or 8/5 (320% bonuses) for Barbaric Yawp I still get the same stats for my pet bonuses.
For more information I haven’t been testing the damage from this, only looking at what the info for my Spiderant Scorcher has to say.

if you check imidiately after speccing into barbaric yarp, you need to close the menu and open it up again for the change to show afaik. Both skag and spiderant updates, jabber don’t - BUT jabber still recives the bonus… it seems to be a visual bug with jabber’s tooltip.

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Thanks, I’ll go do a few tests later and figure it out :blush: