Barbaric yawp not working

Specced into this earlier to do some build testing and the skill was working correctly. I log on later and wait for hotfix to apply then load game multiple times. Now barbaric yawp does not work at all. Shut console off and restarted the game waited again for hotfix to apply and the skill still doesnt work. Was excited to try out new builds with the barbaric yawp change but if the skill is bugged to begin with that doesnt help matters

It looked to me like it’s working for skags and spiderants but not jabbers.

I had to go to the main menu and wait 1m multiple times then it took

it works on jabbers as well just doesnt show it in the skill tree :confused:

For me I dont think the hotfix applies correctly. Sometimes it will show the boost to the great horned skag being 15% damage and 30% gun damage and other times it shows 5 and 10% and that is with waiting for the hotfix to apply

Hey, that skill name is a Walt Whitman poem reference!