BardoBorne - Would you Support a Bard Character with a Twist?

I was thinking that I’d love it if they had a bard like character in this. If anyone has seen that one meme of the sad flutist with the subtext “When your party is getting killed but your just a bard.”. I’d imagine a bard in this it would probably take the role of a frustrated, nigh sado-masochistic, rogue character who just couldn’t take it anymore… Skill set I’m not sure on, but it would probably involve damage or a switch characteristic (would honestly prefer damage with a touch of utility or something which uses a bard and totally destroys this archtype by making it insane). Also could you see Orendi getting into arguments with a bard character… Maybe how they let Orendi die, but it was only “a little death”. Ha short joke, but anyways would y’all support a bard character with a cool twist if the dev team could fit one in? Would you all have any ideas?

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With the fact that this is Gearbox we are talking about , it wouldn’t surprise me one bit lol.

Maybe something along the lines of Six-string Samurai.

I’d like a two-handed “axe” user honestly. A melee character that works a bit like Reyna with a frustrated and maybe even hyper-sarcastic personality.

:smiley: I´d imagine something like “Midvalley the Hornfreak” from the manga/anime “Trigun” -

Some shifty dude with a deadly saxophone who can make heads explode with intense sound + support the team as classic bard!
Or a siren, like greek mythology siren, who crashes enemies with warcrys while supporting with chants.

Oooor a violine. Would make good taunts lol (Still need Raths violine taunt…so badass!)

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Is Boldur’s axe one or two handed I ask because I think he suits that a bit. Blocks ranged, gets a over-shield, uses an axe, I don’t know much about his personality though.

Boldur’s in one handed. I meant something like what Marceline uses in Adventure time or something akin to that (maybe even just make it blunt like a hammer). I’d love a sarcastic punk who wails on things while boosting allies in some way.

Correct me if I’m wrong as I have yet to get any of his lore, but from a few of Kelvin’s texts/quotes he came across to me as a civil, theater-loving/sounding type of character?

This voicing/personality being a thing most wouldn’t expect/notice, given his appearance.