Barely any grind compared to BL2, kina lame

Borderland 3 had very little grind , legendaries dropped like candy…compared to bl2 it wasn’t as rewarding.

So… not getting rewards is rewarding.


you missed my point completely …

I think I restated it fairly. Your complaint is that in BL3 you actually get stuff in a reasonable time compared to the tedium (aka “grind”) of previous games (aside from that last DLC for BL2 which seemed to rain loot upon me in excess of anything I’ve seen in BL3). Ergo, in your view it is more rewarding to not get rewards.

In my view, not getting rewards is unrewarding.


It was the grind that made it rewarding, bl3 felt like diablo 3…where u get legendaries left and right…wasn’t the point of the game to grind for these legendareis? u dont have to when they drop off every enemy you kill…they mainstreamed it.

There’s actually more grind. You have to get the legendary and it also has to come with the right Annointment. Then you have class mods that needs to have the right buffs to skills and the right stats times 3. Then artifacts also need to have the right rolls. The RNG layer is still there, despite the increased drop chances of legendaries.


Candy is really delicious. If you could eat a much candy as you wanted whenever you wanted it probably wouldnt be as satisfying when you got it.

However candy in moderation can be very satisfying.

For some odd reason you confuse moderation with deprivation. They are not the same nor are they interchangeable.

I feel like the massive pool of world drops that drop frequent took away from the grind because you can no longer target a specific enemy or location with a goal. Now you just run around and get random goodies all the time, however you never really get what you want.

A lot of people randomly stumble into these cookie cutter broken builds and they’re happy. I’d rather be rewarded by going out and working towards something specific. There wasn’t a lot of that until they started the anniversary events.

I like how things have been. Not only do they give you targets they encourage people to fight more than just Graveward.

This community love Borderlanda 2 Duping Edition, and they’re showing their new love for Borderlanda 3: The Fall of Graveward.

It’s a shame no one really cares to experience more of the game other than farming graveward offline just to have their dopamine level pushed up rapidly.

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The issue is that the majority are world drops. So unless you consider killing Graveward offline for 80hrs the grind, I dont think that’s what TC is looking for.

I agree with the OP. I like it to be special to find something great. Blue isn’t called “rare”, purple “epic”, and orange “legendary” without reason. They’re supposed to be treasures. My Moze is playing TVHM with mostly blue stuff and it’s already a little too easy. Mayhem throws stuff at you like it’s nothing so that even blue (“rare”) is just trash. It just makes the great stuff less special and waters down the experience.

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A lot of legendaries are trash though. So yah the game might throw legendaries at you more so than previous titles but they are just glorified greens or blues as far as I’m concerned. I find it much harder to find exactly what you’re looking for in borderlands 3. I’d rather spend 20 hours farming a specific boss for a single perfect piece of gear than play this new loot lottery system.

I remember in BL2 certain guns (ogre comes to mind) took forever to acquire and were hesitant to sell or store in the bank. Now it’s common to sell 10 legendaries in a slaughterhouse run. I get what you mean. The massive amounts of world drops can be a bit much.

i guess the grind is short if ur goal to throw random legendaries on and ignore prefixes stats and anointed buffs and isnt to push ur character as far as u can.


Don’t like BL3 drop rate and prefer BL2? Simple, go play BL2.

I’d wager a vast majority of us LIKE having loot drop and not playing for an hour with nothing to show for it at all, not what happened in 2 and that was you farmed and farmed and got absolutely nothing to show for it.


A lot of legendaries drop, definitely more than BL2. But the frequency at which I get legendaries I want is very low. I’ve farmed a long time for the stuff I want, and I still haven’t gotten everything. Even when I get stuff I want, the rolls are often bad. I want better.

If the argument is that there is nothing to grind for, then I wholly disagree. The current drop rates are only meaningful if you will just take any old legendary and call it good - but they’re not.

If the argument is that “but orange is special”, then that just seems like semantics and not much of an argument.

For those using Diablo 3 as an example, that game also drops oranges like candy - I’ll get anywhere from 3-10 from a single GR above 50. At an average of 5-7 minutes per rift, that’s 1 to 2 oranges a minute. The difference between D3 and BL3 is that Diablo has infinite scaling content, so no matter how good the gear you get is, you always have something harder to use it for (higher and higher GRs). BL3 stops at Mayhem 3, so the reason to get perfect gear is minimal.

So if your argument is that there’s plenty to grind for but no reason to grind for it, then I totally agree. But that doesn’t seem to be what you’re arguing.

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I must say, 99% of all legendaries (in any Borderlands game, frankly) goes straight off the nearest cliff. I don’t want A legendary, I want an extremely specific thing, and it’s as hard as always.

In BL3 the grind isnt for the legendary it’s for a legendary with the right annointment and that can take a long time(heck…if you check at the trade forums you have plenty of people who can’t even get the legendary they are looking for un-annointed so…yeah)

Plenty of grind in the game…

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I think you get the normal legendary items pretty easy which is normal, however getting the perfect stats of that legendary and in top of it the anointed stat you looking for, that could take months of farming… hard enough for you ? Ofc if you look to farm it alone and not trading, trading items between players makes the game to easy.

You don’t think there’s a grind in Diablo 3? Just because you got some legendaries or a set bonus doesn’t mean you’re anywhere near powerful.

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The game does not have the legs BL2 had. The main story might be longer, but after you complete the main story you fly to 50 and legendary gear drops so fast you have your optimal build in no time. I farmed each boss specific legendary weapons I wanted in under 25min. World drops might take longer but I got all the world drops I wanted within a few days. If you run circle of slaughter on Mayham 3 you will get a ton of legendary items. I was averaging 40-50 legendary items a hour.

I still love this game, and will play it for quite some time. I just can not say this game has thousands of hours of game play like Borderlands 2 did.

so in 25 mins u got the legendary, anointed buff and rolls u wanted find that hard to believe.