Barely See Toby anymore and design decisions

With many characters being easy to play and easy game changers, Toby strikes me as too much work for too little gain. Weak shield. Huge hitbox. Attack that relies on weak shield, has charge up, so so damage. Easy to catch out in the open. Stun only saves him from melee. Useless ultimate. Slow movement.

I hope to see his kit overhauled because easy mode characters like Rath, Alani, Galilea give me hope that whoever designed Toby can make him catch up with the slew of “master of everything that can do anything” characters plaguing the game.

Tldr: It’s not fun working hard to make certain characters effective when certain other characters are far easier, just as or even more effective, and less frustrating to play.

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i felt this same way til i saw a new breed of seemingly insane toby players front lining and using the double mine+ stun to straight up murder fools. i dont know what kind of cooldown that has, but there is nothing you can do against that. made me want to try it. but yeah the hitbox sooooo big if you do catch him he’s toast just like kelvin’s facebody.

The double mine is from his legendary I believe.

Also Toby is more complicated then some characters, but that isn’t bad. It makes it more interesting to have characters that require more thought then ‘throw in the air then ult’ like rath.

and far less rewarding. if you want cookie cutter, maybe play a different game?

Toby is marked as being an ‘Advanced’ character for a reason.

So so damage? Hahahahahahah. His basic deals more damage than anything but a Sentry’s tower shot! Okay, exaggeration. Get attack speed, it charges faster. Get attack speed helix, it’s even faster. Proceed to go semi automatic on them, taking Marq down to half health before he can land Ein Zwei.

Because cookie cutter and “work hard to be equal with everyone else” are the only two options right? Try again maybe?

And Galilea is rated as complex while Whiskey is rated as easy. LOL.

They’re not all entirely accurate. But the fact that I can destroy an entire lane in meltdown solo as Toby, 2-3 v 1… And I don’t even have his legendary.

And that is probably why Attikus and Whiskey Foxtrot will be receiving some adjustments to bring them in line with those descriptors. Toby on the other hand fits right where he was placed. He may need a few minor tweaks, but nothing major. Even then he will still be advanced.

I should clarify. He’s my favorite. My first main. And his only weakness is the shield and the ult. Other than that. You just need moderately decent aim.

Until someone pops your puny 500 hp shield and youre left with your pants down with the hitbox the size of a barn. Anyone can come up with a clutch situation, exaggerated or not, for any character. What matters is that it doesn’t come very often at all for Toby. He lacks the fun factor and that’s why you don’t see him.

I don’t see him As often, but I see him. Granted, I hate having him on my team if I’m not using him. Too many front line Toby’s/ mid ranged who don’t understand he’s a sniper.

As for them popping the shield, he’s a sniper! Place it better, avoid getting it hit. If they break it in under the 15 sec cd, then yeah. Kinda bad. Also means you placed it poorly. If they’re trying to gank you and you don’t have stun yet, use boosts to avoid them and let turrets slow them. Then shoot the crap out of em!

I think his shield should scale, and his ult penetrate. Maybe a tiny bit more damage, but I just hate his lore thing. Other than that, perfect.

I think Toby is a fun character to use, but he does need some buffs.

Adding 150-300 points to his shield would really help his survivabilty, without making him a tank.

His deployable shield could use a little more hp, but the biggest thing is it needs to cover more vertical area. I have deployed this and not gotten any use out of it because i fire over the top of it, and enemies could shoot over it as well. Adding a slow when enemies pass through it could be really useful as well to help his survivability.

His ultimate is garbage. You actually do more damage using your primary attack and you move at a snails pace using it. I think they should add the slow from his level 10 helix as base, increase the range to match your primary attack, remove the decrease in mobility, and slightly increase the damage. Adding all of these at once may be a bit much, but could easily add 1 or two and see how it goes from there.

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So. I got annoyed after reading this thread. And played as Toby. Faced the freaking mobile five right away. Alani, Melka, Pheobe, Atticus (a good one, unfortunately), and… I forgot the last one. This match in no way defines Toby, but he I’d rather useless against the highly mobiles, particularly if they have slow.
Also I’m with the guy above me on ultimate ideas. Not so much his shield, and I think just scaling the other shield to level or giving it helix upgrades like Issic’s would make it better. Like deflection and slow, making him able to utilize it at closer range.