Barhoo's Grenade Build....Master of Blasters Edition

So this is the Moze Grenade spam build…except it does MOAR of the splash damages…and you still dont die.

  1. How the build works… 1. Throw Grenades. 2. Shoot with Guns. 3. Dont Reload. It really is that simple. Now for the not so simple stuff.

  2. Required Gear:

  • Legendary Blast Master Mod (Best stats +2 Pull the Holy Pin, +2 Vampyr, +1 Redistribution (for faster firing weapons). +2 PTHP, +3 Vampyr is also very good…if not better in certain situations. All that matters is the +2 to Pull the Holy Pin.

  • Why Blast Master: You dont reload, You do 100% MOAR SPLASH DAMAGES! and this class mod BOOST 3 godly skills. 30 to 50% grenade crit is very noticeable, +2 Vampyr becuase you have to live right, +1 in Redistribution…since your grenades crit it pretty much is a Forge skill while in Combat.

  • What’s the difference between Bloodletter Grenade spam and Blast Master grenade spam. Bloodletter is better for guns and shields, Blastmaster is better for Grenades and Splash damage.

  1. Recommended gear:
  • A good Grenade Mod: So the usual suspects ( Recurring, Mitosis, Mirv’ Cloning) Hex *preferably shock for shield synergy. Stormfront is also a great choice…just not a brain dead as the Hex.

  • A good Splash weapon: my Favorite is the Ogre. Its Splash, has a large magazine so you’re less likely to reload, and its Vladof to better fit the Moze theme. Any splash damage of your choice will do. If you dont know what does splash, if it has a radius… then it does splash.

  • Boss Killer: Lyuda. I choose the Lyuda becuase I always use a Lyuda. It’s my favorite gun in the entire game. Choose whatever else you want , I dont care it’s a free country.

  • Shield: The Tranformer…if you have a shock grenade. Then it won’t kill you. The Stop Gap is also pretty neato.

Relic: I use anything with best stats that doesnt bring my health down to 1.

  1. Skill Tree:
    The most controversial pick is matched set…I just like having more bullets. Feel free to put the last 2 points or all 3 of theose in Scrappy, Rushin Offensive, or 1 For the Road.

Now if they increase the level cap move towards experimental munitions. Or you can take points out of BM tree, put them towards Experimental Muntitions, and stop at redistribution. I’m going to test tonight to see which one I like better. The skill tree above is the best way I found to never reload without having to go to Forge or use Iron Bear (bc IB kinds sucks right now)

Edit: After research its.come to my attention that Short Fuse may not be working as I originally thought. Some people are saying that the explosion fuse doeant damage the Actaully target but the targets surrounding them. So in essence the target becomes a grenade… which makes short fuse completely worthless as a capstone. Another gem by the devs a Geatbox. So here’s the updated skill tree.

Or this for maximum grenade damage.


Hey, nice build. This is pretty much the same build I’ve been using. The constant grenade critical hit spam keeps your magazine full so you’re always taking advantage of the 100% splash damage bonus. The Stop-Gap has worked better for me since the invulnerability is a life-saver, literally. Alternative for a shield is possibly the Re-Router or even Rough Rider. For the relic I chose the Otto Idol because it restores HP% on kill; not the best for pure bosses, but mobbing and trials it’s bonkers. Loving the build, thanks for posting it and sharing!

I see no real point of going ‘Short Fuse’ if you’re going to be using Lyuda for boss killing. Forge will always be inherently better for boss killing especially, as you mentioned, you’re using a Lyuda.

‘Rushin Offense’ is a flex point and could be placed in ‘Matched Set’
‘Auto Bear’ is another flex point and could be used to max vampyr to 5/5, however, the talent is ok for just distraction. I don’t rely on IB anyways.

I don’t have any optimized gear yet for my setup, however, I have a 25% weapon damage bonus on COM+ 40% mag size increase on artifact. However it’s still shredding, can’t imagine what it’ll be with once I get some upgrades like Wpn Dmg/Sniper Dmg/Mag size inc, a better lyuda, etc.

Random Graveward TVHM M3 kill took about 7-8s, I would consider the start of the encounter around “21s” (the period where I’m able to fully freefire without any interruptions, ie: him dropping his head down when you fall into the map):

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although I have my own Moze build I need to refine, I think I will try the grenade build, as yesterday I found this class mod:

+100% splash damage from class mod
+28% splash damage
+30% grenade damage

Yesterday I also found a shock MIRV-Tacular Hex which should be great for this kind of build:


Das classmod ist verrückt. :open_mouth:

You’ll cruise through Mayhem 3 easily all day.

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That class mod is really sick. Get yourself some Corrosive/Fire Faisor’s, a lucians call or something (Cryo) and your golden. Wish I had your mod :stuck_out_tongue:

The shotgun fire mode on the faisors would benefit from the splash damage. I’m jealous!

That class mod is trash… you have to get splash damage, Grenade damage, and splash radius together or it’s no good.

I would just vendor it…actually better idea. Just give it to me I will try and find a way to make it work.

Why would you need to get splash damage, grenade damage and splash radius? Going all in on grenades is awful lmao. Optimal setup would be something like grenade damage / weapon damage / X (specific weapon damage, elemental damage, etc, splash damage if using splash stuff)

Bc it’s a grenade build. If I wanted to do more damage with weapons I would do the bloodletter build.

So how are you going to grenade graveward to death once they rework the porcelain pipe bomb?

Graveward is .01% of this game. I would play Fl4k for Graveward.

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Lmao right this is a troll post I’m out.

So you think anyone who disagrees with you is a troll…oooookay. or am I not allowed to play anything except Graveward?

Your posting in a moze forum section about builds. When asked how would you handle graveward with your grenade build you said you’d play fl4k. You are a troll.

Becuase I dont use this build to farm Graveward…and with a Lyuda it will still have 0 problems doing it if I want.

The purpose of this build is to buff splash damage and grenades as much as possible. If I wanted to buff weapon damage I would go down the SOR tree.

This is exactly why B3 endgame is a failure. Everything is about killing the same 1 boss 1 million times.

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How does the Mind Sweeper Mod compare to the Blast Master Mod ?
The skills are not that good compared to the Blast Master skills but Mirco Grenade on crit sound nice

I did some testing and posted my results here: Did this existed before?

For me Blast Master did a lot more damage on a grenade only build. But there may be other factors influencing it.

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I was waiting to get a tacular or Recurring shock grenade before testing the mine sweeper mod…I traded for one last night.

I’m playing mine sweeper as we speak. Early impressions, you have to play as a sniper or the micro grenades can get you killed.

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Aye! Can I have that class mod or can you dup it? My PSN is Masethesav

What action skills/augments are you using for this build? I assumed Rocket Pod/Target Softening but wasn’t sure.