Baroness Download Bug?

So, I downloaded the Season Pass today, and I tried to download the Lady Hammerlock pack for the Xbox 360. It doesn’t really work no matter what I try. The other packs downloaded just fine, and I also noticed that while you’re on the Borderlands menu in-game, the download size is about 110 KB compared to when you click “Show Details” on the Xbox Home, it’ll show about 180 MB, the same amount as the Doppelganger Jack Pack. If anyone could help me with this problem, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I presume you may have resolved this already but in case you have not -

The data for Lady Hammerlock is in the compatibility pack - so if you have the small file (named Lady Hammerlock) you have stated you have above and the compatibility pack, both installed, you should be able to play her.

Oh! I actually hadn’t thought to download the compatibility pack since my Gold ran out, but thanks very much!!

No problems - don’t need gold to download any DLC or updates - but you probably know this. It’s always a good idea to play with connection to X live for any hot fixes (unless there are none that matter).