Baroness Elemental Damage/Chance, Cold as Ice

So for all you Aurelia Hammerlock (Baroness) fans out there I was wondering that if elemental damage/chance that you get from badass points has any effect on the cold as ice skill. I have been putting points into it cause I do use cryo weapons but it would be awesome if it played a part in your action skill.

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Ggood question!

Ive been wondering about this too!

I’m going to turn my badass points off and use cold as ice and see the damage and then another fight I will turn it on and see the difference. It’s just hard to do cause numbers are flying everywhere. Also the skill avalanche could play a part in it.

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I’ve been generally wondering what basic elemental chances are on

  • grenades
  • oz kit slams
  • nova and spike shields (incl. the spike from the Celestial Baroness COM)
  • action skills / skill points (think hazmat, Zeus rage, Prismatic Aegis, or claptrap element of surprise / rainbow coolant etc. etc.)

Any data on these?

I have been wondering about this too but I think if the weapon or item has an elemental picture next to it your elemental damage/chance apply to it. Like I said I’m not 100% sure about this but I am pretty positive. My main concern is about the action skill. We should test it out turning on and off your badass points