Barrier Deterrence not working

I decided to pull out my old Barrier Clone Zane and run him through DLC3 at M10. I have not played this character in a long time.
I noticed most enemies are going through barrier without being deterred at all.
I remember a time when even Anointeds had problems going through the barrier with Deterrence on.
And for some reason, Bellicks get a complete free pass. They were just flying through it like it wasnt even there, all elements of Bellicks (I couuld understand the shock ones doing it).
Has anybody else have problems with Deterrence working on Zane’s barrier?

I haven’t noticed any problems - works better than I though to be honest. I’ll take Zane to Gehanna and see how it works with the Bellicks.

edit - yeah, they flinch a little and throw a damage number, but they otherwise charge through (where other fauna treat it almost like it’s impassable).

Deterrence, I believe, always has it’s shock damage effect when proc’d; but the stagger chance isn’t effective on highly mobile targets. It might be due to proximity, time to effect or a mixture of both, but either way, you wouldn’t be able to hit flying enemies for both procs, if it works as I suspicion (like a Tesla grenade).

Tl;Dr: Why r u using it on flying enemies lol, its for melee/slowzerker types

The Bellicks are the little deer-looking things that run around on the ground, no?

Didn’t know. So it’s probably not working as intended. That’s not good. It’s supposed to at least slow down enemies for a few moments if they get caught too close to it; it sounds like they don’t even slow down.

Yeah, like I throw it in front of some charging Skags or Psychos, and it’s like a hard stop (plus some zap). Those things just flinch on the way through.

I will have to see if I can’t catch a Rakk in it though. If it actually stops them like most critters, it’ll act like a spider web and hard stop them mid-flight. :laughing:

edit - nope: they zip right through. Oh well.

Yeah, The Bellicks look like deer on the ground. Some are radioactive and some are shock. They all just run right through without being slowed.