Barrier + Distributed Denial

So, I used this capstone for testing but found it underwhelming since at the time I did not have much lvl50 gear to use it properly.

Now I have some good legendary Shields I would like to test and the question is: what are some effects that do apply to the Barrier? I imagine shields that depend on break/full don’t work like novas and amp, but what about Boosters, Resistance or Rough Rider?

Big Boom Blaster is your friend.

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Barrier action skill end counts as shield break.

nova burner; frozen heart; big boom blaster; whiskey tango foxtrot.

Thanks, dropping boosters might be a fun combo to look into.

Back Ham works great.

40% chance to reflect projectiles from barrier.

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Pretty sure the buff from Mr. Caffeine shield stacks. Good for farming graveward at least. Also, the radiation aura from the red suit can be fun to mess around with.

Reflect, booster, absorb, nova (on depletion), auras, and stat based shields are all some effects that work well with distributed denial.

There’s more, but I can’t remember every shield modification off the top of my head.

Any shield that offers bonus weapon damage on shield depletion also would work well with DD I think.