Barrier duration?

It is me running into another weird problem : does the duration of barrier is shorter lately?On the contrary, are there bugs that can make the barrier last longer than normal?

Nope barrier duration is unchanged.
If you have a seein dead mod, put 1 point into good misfortune and 2-4 points into borrowed time, depending on your needs. you should not have any issues with barrier uptime.
Or you spec into brainfreeze and CCC if you dont have a seein dead mod. A fast recharge shield (sitorak, BBB, red suit) work best on a CCC build.

thanks. I think I figured what gave me this impression, I switched cutsman w terror multiple projectiles to cutsman 100 cryo while sntl. The terror set up do so many hits that you constantly proc good misfortune effortlessly (I use seing dead com), while the cryo does more dmg but less proc

Projectile terror is bugged to stack and not go away. Safe to assume that any set up using it won’t work as expected.