Barrier needs to be less intrusive

I’m really enjoying Zane, but the barrier visuals are a bit much. Just toning them down a bit, with maybe some color-coding around the edges of the screen, would go a long way toward keeping me in the fight. Mostly because I’m dumping half my ammo into a wall because I can’t see with all of the visuals, EXPLOSIONS!!!, and AoE/DoTs.

That’s really the only complaint I have about the class so far. Well, maybe if they could do something about the heavy breathing. Ten steps into a jog and he sounds like he’s about to cough up both lungs. Was he a 12-pack a day smoker?


I’ve played Zane since day one so I’m kinda use to it but I can see where your coming from, it was a lot worse initially but it seems when they cut back some particle effects it’s better. Especially badass launchers when they spawn heavy it was hell and if you had all the attention your way basically become blind. And if you use deterrence field it’s even worse than normal. It’s a really cool barrier perk but was just too much for my tastes. I’ve gotten to the point I don’t really pay attention at this point but I have so many hours I kinda see it through my rose colored glasses… well… barrier. The main issue I have is when I’m using say an elemental dictator and the barrier turns black when you fire through it although it’s not all the time for some reason.
And the heavy breathing is all the toxins he’s sweating out from all those drinks the clone serves him I suppose, it’s annoying but I still laugh when it times out right. I lost my car one time and instead of fast travel a ran and mobbed my way back and as soon as I got near the guy to turn in the mission he sounded like he was gassed out! Sheeeesh!!! :joy:

Yup, I’m using the deterrence field and it’s really noticeable compared to the other variants I used. I guess I’ll get used to it. Zane does have some rather great comedic timing. And of all the various grunts and groans and noises characters make in the game, he’s probably the least likely to get on my nerves…*looking daggers at Pippie"

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I used Deterrence field a bit when I was messing with the takedown and although I liked it a lot I went away because I couldn’t quite get use to it, with it it really does stand out. If they could at least dim down the highlighted areas around the barrier’s sections it would help a lot. If nothing else if it was right where you have your gun aimed and a sizable chunk around it would make a huge difference I think. I just always run all rounder and charged relay myself and anything that likes to get up close I can usually deal with. The move speed buffs help with all this as I can backpedal or sidestep. And most enemies don’t like a X12 dictator in their lip if they choose to get that close. I may give it another whirl at some point and I hope you can get use to what we have for now, maybe it will be addressed down the line. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I might go back to a different barrier. I notice a sharp decrease in damage with my current build. But it is fun keeping Traunt in near stun-lock for the whole battle.

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That’s the reason I gave it a go and it is fun, it worked well during the takedown but it was just too intrusive for my tastes.

Well if you are bothered by Zane barrier try playing Moze’s Iron Bear and see the difference , that a WHOLE lot level of annoyance concerning bugged elemental effect obstructing your field of view. I personally consider barrier perfectly fine.


I watched a video of some Mayhem 4 slaughter shaft Moze while in iron bear and I couldn’t tell what the hell was happening! :joy:

Well he looks like a boomer.
Just sayin’