Base game legendaries and arm's race

Has anyone noticed base game legendaries are no longer dropping in arm’s race? Whether it’s chests, enemies or vending machines, all I get is arm’s race exclusives. The drop rate has also skyrocketed. On one run with a level 72 character I got over 20 in one run and with a new level 13 character I got about 15 over two runs. 100% were arm’s race items.

Maybe it is a (unintentional) side effect of the new event that is running from 14-23 December?

The event is named Clear Skies and is supposed to slow down the Murdercane also there is some Echocast event running at the same time.

When was that announced?

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Like always it wasn‘t posted on here (not yet atleast) but it is on their Twitter.

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I can find it referenced to last January, but not for right now. Got the link?

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thanks. it’s also not on their website. smh…

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Hmmm. I have no idea how to do this. lol

twitter would be why i didn’t know about it. these forums are the extent of my social media usage.


World drops are still dropping, but the increased AR drops may be diluting the pool? I did a bunch of runs with a lucky Butcher drop.