Base runner balance suggestions

(Tren) #1

Baserunners are one of the icons of DoK, but they do not have that reputation in active play, this is something I would like to change,

So comprehesively,
BR changes Gaalsien
BR BR AA upgrade added to tech tree
Scanner cooldown preduced to 90 seconds, only 1 scanner active per BR, if BR is destroy/recycled scanner is also lost
BR hp reduced by 300hp, now has regen
BR heal cost removed,
BR heal now drains 50% of BRs total HP over active duration.

Soban BR
AA upgrade added
Weapon jammer cost removed, AoE increased slightly,
Weapon jammer is no longer targetable,
​​​​​​​Weapon jammer active life is now 10 seconds.

Coal BR
AA upgrade added

Khaan BR
AA upgrade added
Blast drone initial cooldown of 45 seconds added
Blast drone limit reduced to 4
Blast drone now cost 100cu



Having these changes in a patch would be lovely, but not without some trial first.


(Tren) #3

Getting the right values on some of these changes will take time,

The Jammer AoE size and Gaal BR hp being 2 important ones to adjust properly.

Also the AA would need some serious thought; upgrade cost, effectiveness of 250cu AA plaform, etc.