Baseball Talk - F--- off Discourse

Figured I’d make one of these, else I’m sure @VaultHunter101 and I would just pollute the RTT with our Jays talk

Is this for stickball or shootyhoops?

Real sports don’t come back until preseason kickoff.

I can’t say what I actually think of that comment

Wait. Is the cool world cup this year? I’ll watch that too. Horraaaay rampant nationalism!

I don’t think there’s a world cup, but there is the Olympics.

Oooh. I gotta figure out what the us is strong in and request that week off. Drinking games yaaay.

Anyway. I hope your stickball team gets enough innings points to slam dunk it.

*Screaming Internally *



I was dying for a bit of Sports threads.

Unfortunately, few fans of the one I follow here.

I’m assuming from the pic, its soccer. And if it is, lets not do the whole football v soccer thing. That one always gets me.

I’d watch it, but I have no attachment to any team in the US, so I only watch like I said above, world cup. Usually that means a very exciting week and a half and then rooting for an underdog. I usually default to ireland if they’re in it, and whoever is playing against france, and then like the real underdogs. Like if lichtenstien has a team and they ever get any good, I will totally root for them late world cup.

Edit: Anyway, sports threads have a really bad track record here. There are like five people who NFL here and they all hate me cause I owe tom brady so much fellatio. #theyhateuscausetheyanus

I’ll make this very brief, as I do not wish to in any way derail thread.

I’m a big Juventus supporter. 4th generation. Can’t explain how many of their games I’ve been to the stadium to see.

The Missus is 1/2 Irish, and they’re in the same group as Italy this Euro. :confused:

Ultimate Underdog this Euro will probably be Albania, but they’ve pulled off a pretty impressive run.

Sorry @ThatOneGuy23 for the slight derailment. I’ll remove this posts if you feel they’re taking away from the discussion.

Also, I changed the title to F— Off Discourse, as the f bomb came up on the replies.

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Did it really? My bad. And don’t worry about removing the replies, don’t really care that much

No bother! No reason to apologize. I knew you thought it would be blurred.

Hell, I THOUGHT it would be blurred. Shows how much I know.

Well, to officially get things back on the topic of Baseball (note to @Arsonist - it’s like cricket but takes less time and has more innings)…

@ThatOneGuy23 - you mentioned you get seasons tickets for the Jays: good seats? Any teams you’re particularly excited to see this season?

I would talk baseball sure, but I am a Phillies fan and they stink

One of the sweetest swings of all time.

100 Level, along first base line. Not right on the diamond, but somewhat close. I’m kind of excited to see them play the Yankees, as always. I’m also interested to see how the Cubs do this year, considering they surprised me a bit last year

Sounds good. I went with a group one time that had tickets along 3rd base line, and it was a great spot. Not right at the front - about 5 rows from the fence - but still a great view. Usually if I’m there at all, I’m up in the nosebleeds.

Yeah, normally my family would get nosebleed seats. Anything along the base lines are great, especially in the 100 level.

I would watch this baseball.

Home opener?