Based on your searches for covers and remixes, what are your (most?) favorite song(s)?

Because seriously, when one thinks about it all…

Seriously, the question occurred after yet another search for “Bloody Tears” covers.

  • “Stargazer”, by Blood Stain Child
  • “Angel”, by The Coors
  • “Titanium”, by David Guetta
  • “How to Save a Life”, by The Fray
  • “Love Don’t Die”, by The Fray
  • “Alive”, by Krewella
  • “Ever Dream”, by Nightwish
  • “Fireflies”, by Owl City
  • “When Can I See You Again?”, by Owl City
  • “Naturally”, by Selena Gomez
  • “Until the Day I Die”, by Story of the Year
  • “Bloody Tears”, from “Castlevania”
  • “Blinded by Light”, from “Final Fantasy XIII”
  • The “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” theme

… my head explodes.


Seriously, what would yours be, @AMG_75?

I was going to attempt an answer, but It’s too broad of a question for me. Between all the genres of music I like (videogame music included) the list would be ridiculously long. Which lead to my original post instead.

Well, off the top of your head is fine. Technically…well, if you wish, and when you can get to it. Me, the question occurred to me last night, and I was just poring over my YouTube playlists, picking out whichever came up most often.

Actually, what about starting there?

It a great thread idea.

I’ll list a small handful of favorites.

Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
Venom - Bursting Out
Slayer - Angel of Death
Rammstein - Sonne
Six Feet Under -Wormfood
Ghost - Ritual
Dragon Quest IV DS Music - Gypsy’s Journey
CastleVania SotN - Lost Painting
Doom OST - E1M5 - Suspense

a great thread idea
So I thought too. It also occurred to me, tho I'm aware that it may not prove the case, that it might aid in 'basketizing' my tastes since I have difficulty identifying which genres I listen to, or those that I prefer.

My most watched videos within the last year

Wamdue Project - King of my Castle

Kenji Kawaii - Ghost in the Shell live concert

Susumu Hirasawa - Kajiwotore (Take the Wheel)

Mike Oldfield - Song of the Sun

Desert planet - Ninja Driods

Susumu Hirasawa - Forces (Berserk OST)

Joe Hisaishi in budokan - 25 Years Ghibli Concert

The Prodigy - Fuel my Fire

Hellsing Ultimate OST - Magnolia

Kenji Kawai - Mezame no Hakobune (Ghost in the shell - Innocence)

Diablo - Tristram Village


PS: oh lord, it made every link into vids…

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@Ganjamira: If nothing precedes the address, it’ll display it as the video. Incidentally (and without bragging), I’m suddenly amazed at my comparative mastery of posting HTML with no formal classes.

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I was just puzzled - usually I need to experiment until it shows the vid, now its all there…My confusion + Discourses madness = despair.

Also: I think I derailed your topic, I started looking for remixes and then my brain shut off and I just was looking for most-watched vids ToT
Being 26hours awake is no good state to do forum-stuff.

Tristram Village. Every ■■■■■■■ time, I hear that song. I pick up my acoustic. Every. ■■■■■■■. Time.

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I wish I could play my guitar, but I´ve no talent for it at all -.-

Tristram Village OST is special for me, pure gold nostalgia. Sat hours besides my Dad who played Diablo or played myself after school, it was awesome.


If it’s songs you search for with relative frequency, quite so in some cases, it counts. Covers and remixes are mostly what I had in mind. For instance, the first one I remember ever making this list was “Ever Dream” by Nightwish. Now, my playlists of covers are majority-populated by “Titanium” and “Bloody Tears”.

How about songs that are heavily sampled in stuff I like?

Hands down winner

Johnny Cash - “Hurt”

This is one of the best covers I’ve ever heard. And has been a favorite for so so many years.
I actually like Cashs version better than NIN original track. And i love NIN.

@FunkJunkie: Sure does.

@Kitty_Jo: Now I know why that song sounded familiar: