Baserunner 3D file for printing

(Nli2work) #1

There’s been interest in the S’Jet Baserunner I made a while back. It was big and expensive so I made this scaled down modified version that is considerably cheaper to print. This one is mainly S’Jet with elements from the Standard and Soban variants. Assembled length of around 12cm or 4.75"

you can print it through Shapeways without markup, in 3 pieces:
or you can download the pieces and print your own.
single archive for 3 pieces on Dropbox

CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 International License.You may modify for personal use. You may redistribute content with or without modifications, with attribution to original author Blackbird Interactive and mod authors: NoahLi, plus any other attribution where required, for non-commercial purposes. You must redistribute under identical license, CC-BY-NC-SA.

The model is designed to be printable with Shapeway’s Frosted Ultra Detail material, chassis front / rear sections passes automated checks, however has not been actually test printed. Wheel can be printed with Shapeway’s Strong Flexible Plastic (cheap) or Frosted Ultra Detail (expensive). Extensive modifications maybe required for printability using FDM or other Shapeways materials. If you have issues printing through Shapeways please let me know. Please post a pic if you print one.



(Velocitas est Vita) #2

Niiiiice! Excellent job on the render, looks very clean. Hopefully I’ll be able to get photos of mine when it finishes printing, but thanks in advance!


(Nli2work) #3

Great! Look forward to it!