Basic Episode Bosses

They need to be revamped. Who thought that 2 varelsi conservators in Episode 2 and 6 would be a good idea. The Varelsi all look too similar. Same with the Thralls, and they’re forgettable, sadly. It would be nice if they revamped the PvE Episodes after all the DLC is over and done with. More Bestiary and bosses that actually feel different and intense. Have Bagranth create giant pillars of void energy. Have a completely different boss for the Experiment. Make the sentinel final battle actually cool maybe? That fight is so lame for how long it takes to get to him. Like I said the Algorithm is fine in terms of ISIC, but the rest could use a little more effort. The book should be just as interesting as the cover.


Have you ever face tanked the Sentinel? It feels a lot more intense. In general I’m okay with the bosses as is tbh, except some explanation on the saboteurs boss would have been preferable

I like most of the bosses, however I 100% agree with you on the final boss for the Experiment. It is the easiest part of the entire level and should straight up be replaced with the wolf sentry (if you don’t want to go through the trouble of designing a new boss).

I also agree with you about ISIC. It was the first boss battle I played in the beta and was the source of a lot of my excitement for the game (it is unfortunate that it is probably the most enjoyable/unique single boss fight in the game).

While the main game could have had more enemy variety, I feel that it was certainly acceptable. The biggest missed opportunity (so far) has been not introducing new enemy types in the operations. Hopefully that will change with the coming releases.

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Are we certain of that? So far all the enemies have been the same. We’re still seeing robots from the main game and we saw in the stream that they’re using some of the same assets from the main game like the Jennerit ships. It truly seems like they’re cutting corners where they can which is fine, but I’d like to see some real variety when it comes out.

Saboteurs was random and easy for the rest of the stage to be difficult in areas. He was just a big thrall that got a shield and summoned varelsi. Nothing truly intense. It’s fine if you’re cool with the bosses. I just feel like we go through so much in a stage to get to a sub par main event. I’m not saying it should be hard. I’m saying it should be really cool. Like ISIC’s digital arena.

More boss entrance/cutscenes like ISIC’s or Jailer Hylis or Grall but mostly ISIC with the whole layer entrance and “waking up to giant mf ISIC” scenery

And the fact that ISIC’s arena was a complete change of pace from everything else made it even better.

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Oh, he was easy, but he has weird Varelsi powers and he shrinks and stuff and I wanna know more about him

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This. I want to know so much more about both the battleborn and bosses that are clearly “tainted” by Varelsi. So many questions and so few answers!

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I think you’re onto a much bigger idea here: insane mode for the old missions. Amped up versions of the old missions with new bosses would be the only thing to make me play through the story again, as I have all characters mastered and have no need otherwise

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