Basic questions about rakk attack anoint

I am sorry but I can t find the basic answers I am looking for in the forum though they are most certainly somewhere, and I am not quite sure how this anoint works exactly

Concerning the ‘Enemies damaged by Rakk Attack! take 100% increased damage for short time’

  • Is the anoint description correct? Meaning is it a debuff of sort that will affect all sources of subsequent damage? for instance does it increase the grenade damage with Perigrine com?
  • how long is a ‘short time’ exactly?
  • If you switch weapon after the rakks hit their target do you still benefit from it?

I’m not sure but yes to question 1 and 3 and question 2 should be 8 seconds. Correct me if I’m wrong.

@olivier_shady Responses to your questions.

To my knowledge, the Rakkslag anoint only increases damage done with the weapon you are holding. It does not increase damage done by grenades, shields, action skills, etc.

“A short time” is approximately 8-10 seconds, the same time from the 100% ASE anoint.

I do not believe that you get the benefit of the anoint if you switch weapons. I believe it only applies to the weapon with the Rakkslag anoint. If you swapped to another weapon that had the Rakkslag anoint though, perhaps that might work.

Hope these responses help!


I’m pretty sure Rakkslag boosts all damage, melee, DoT, grenade damage. But yes you to have to be holding the weapon with that annointment.

@olivier_shady, AFAIK the Rakkslag annoint works just as it says. The main difference between it and most annoints is that it doesn’t check until the Rakk actually hit an enemy. It is a V2 bonus making it fairly potent.

I have seen several different durations mentioned for the “for a short time”. I have always thought it to be around 6 seconds, but have seen very reliable sources say 10 seconds.


As far as I know. You have to be holding the weapon with Rakkslag. It only affects target(s) that got hit by Rakk. They take increase damage from all sources. Last about 8 seconds, like other anoints short time anoints. Compared to ASE 100%, Rakkslag does more damage. I think it’s because of the placement in damage calculations.

I could be wrong about Rakkslag-affected enemies taking increased grenade, melee, or other damage caused by Fl4k - I was thinking the enemy only took increased gun damage from the Rakkslag-anointed weapon, but I could be wrong about that.

That said, Rakkslag definitely does not increase damage from all sources. It does not work like slag or kunai in BL2, where the enemy takes increased damage from all damage sources in the game, including other players.

And Rakkslag does more damage than 100% ASE because of the way it is calculated (adding 100% bonus damage to your weapon is not as good as having the enemy take 100% more damage). 100% ASE adds gun damage to the damage formula, whereas Rakkslag multiplies the damage actually done to the enemy.

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My bad, I don’t have friends to play with so I am mostly always solo. So my experience would be solo. To be honest though, I never tested the anoint myself so I don’t really know for sure but it seems to be what people are saying is correct. I do know that you are right about the formula between the two anoints, yes.


I just remember in Dakquan’s Hawk Pack build video he mentioned Rakk 100 was one of the only annoints that increased the Hunter Seeker’s damage. Of course this was before URad came along.

I’m around 75% sure on this :sweat_smile:

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@vCarpeDiemv I did a quick forum search and couldn’t find anything, although I may not have done the most “exhaustive” search. Still, even though testing it would be pretty easy, I am too lazy to even do that, so I will just assume you are correct until someone tells me otherwise LOL. Apathy is wonderful.

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Rakkslag isn’t a universal debuff. Demonite covered this during his testing last year.


@boombumr That is definitely what it says in that video and Demonite even shows some testing proof with the car.

I have never done testing on the car, but I assume it works the same way as a regular enemy? I know some people were testing with the car in Sanctuary at one point, but then I feel like we found out there were some exceptions to testing on the car.

If I have a gun with this anoint laying around I’ll test it later. Pretty sure that the video is still correct though, I don’t think Rakk are a universal debuff.

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@boombumr Just to be clear, that is what I have always thought as well (that it is only Fl4k gun damage sources that get buffed - @vCarpeDiemv this is the reason the Hunter Seeker would get buffed by Rakkslag, right?). As I think you know, until 60-90 days back I only ever played Rakk builds, and this was always my operating assumption. At that time though, grenades and melee weren’t really doing much damage anyway, so it didn’t really matter so much. Now those considerations are different.

If you do test it, please let us know.


If Rakkslag does boost the Hunter Seeker, I wonder if that is because it technically counts as gun damage?

Thanks for the answers people.
To be sure I called the test master to run the points with her and a blank unspecced Fl4k

This is the test master in case you wondered :rofl:

I confirm:
Rakk attack anoint does not have any effect on subsequent grenade or melee damage facepuncher included
If you switch gun it only augments the damage from guns with rakk anoint


Yep, that is what I was saying.

And good testing @olivier_shady! Now we all know for certain.

It will affect the damage of:

  • Guns and any bonus elements applied to the gun source
  • Shield/Grenade Elemental ASEs on any damage source
  • Hunter-seeker because it counts as a gun source
  • Good chance it affects reflected bullets from a shield with reflect parts, but not 100%

Should be around 12s.

It persists when switching to another gun with the same anointment.


Sorry to necro, but wanted to ask for clarification on what else counts as gun damage for rakkslag–do any of the following benefit from the anoint?

  • Tediore “shoot while traveling” reload types
  • O.P.Q. drones and similar guns like the Ten-Gallon; I’d assume turret-type Tediore reloads also fall into this category but maybe not
  • Messy Breakup drones

also did anyone confirm if reflected bullets benefit from Rakkslag? if not i guess i can try testing it. I figure now is the time for developing true meme builds :sunglasses:

I believe Messy Breakup gets Rakkslag. Pretty sure Tediore doesn’t since the turrets don’t get any damage buffs. OPQ does get it.

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