Basil Fan made battleborn

So i decided that i wanted to design a new battleborn as ive seen a few fan creations so i got out my sketch pad and came up with Basil.

Basil is one of Rendains off the record Jennerit Experimentations by crossing the DNA of a Galahadrim Clone and a Basilisk found in an Akoposian Cave. Rendain read through endless texts from Akopos and the Basilisk thought to have been a Extinct and a potentioal ancestor of the Roa. Rendain found and fought a nest of the Basilisks .

Basils name comes from when he broke from his cell after Rendains defeat the door of the basilisks container was damages and only the basil was left hence Basil.


I also create a List of his abilites
Skill 1(LB):Toxic Pool/ Sliver in a Circle for 1.5 seconds creating a toxic pool which deals 125 damage per second and slows enemies 25% lasting 4 seconds. (12 Second Cooldown).

Skill 2 (RB):Soul Siphon/ Spring forward using you tail and Drive Reaper and Retribution into the Enemy Battleborn stunning them for 2s and dealings 75 bleed damage over 5 seconds it also heals for 350 health over 5 seconds. (15 Second Cooldown).

Ultimate (Y):Corrosive Barrage/ Fire Corrosive darts From slits in Basils forearms. Fire a total of 30 Darts able to fire 3 per second if an enemy is hit they are stunned for 3 seconds also deal 150 damage per dart. (60 Second Cooldown).

Weapons: Reaper and Retribution Twin Spears/ Reaper is used by pressing RT to thrust reaper forward at the Enemy Battleborn. Retribution is on used during Soul Siphon.

Talent: (Passive) Eternal Demonic Ward (Helmet)/ Provides 300 shield to Basil. Commissioned by Rendain to be made for his private collection.

Character Talent: (Passive) After 5 hits with Reaper, Reaper becomes poisened and deals 50 damage over 5 seconds on the 6th hit.

Base Health: 1600
Base Shield:300

Reaper and Retribution and The Eternal Demonic Ward are artifacts stolen by Basil from Rendains Private Artifact Collection as he escaped from his prison.


I also made some icons for the abilities
Skill 1 (LB)

Skill 2 (RB)

Ultimate (Y)

Character Passive



If I’m understanding correctly, this would be op af
I like it though.

Im thinking of editing it so that its 25 shots and only 100 damage so its still strong but you only likely to kill one fully shield and healthed battleborn

I think it’s the fact that’s it’s an on demand 3 second stun at range which I assume can affect more than 1 enemy, coorecme if I’m wrong.

Im thinking maybe it would be quite op for 3 second stun so perhaps i may edit that aspect out and possibly swap another cc abilities im not to sure yet thanks for the feedback though

I’ve always wanted a ‘root’ in battleborn? So it makes the enemy unable to move but they can still attack etc.