Batlleborn now cost 10 € in France

Hi everyone, like you have maybe understood, I’m french. ( Paris, baguette, fromage… lalala, I’m joking, I hate Paris… What it is now, but it’s an another subject), let’s forget the clichés please ! :wink:

I woke up this morning,… ok this afternoon ( french summer hollidays ), nice story !! OK… I swear I’ll stop my “humor”. :blush:

Ok, then I woke up, I checked my mails and what I saw ? Sales on video games in a huge hypermarket franchise in France. I opened this mail and at the top of the pub… “BATTLEBORN 10 € on PS4/XBOX1/PC.” :cry:

I can tell you that I was mad… I’m still mad and angry. WHY ? Because I’m a HUGE FAN of Gearbox and their work ( Borderlands 1/2 …). :rage:

For Battleborn I was behind them like a cheerleader from the first teaser 3 years ago. I’ve preordered my game and insta buy the season pass when the € came out like 15 ( I don’t remenber exactly) days after the game.

I was so exctited because I wanted this game from 3 years ago. The preoder was awesome : skins, figurine, and… pokémons cards ?, no Battleborn cards ( Deande and Toby :blush:).

Then when I saw today, only 2 months & 1 day after the official realese date that the game now cost 40 € less and still have inside the box the battleborns cards and preorder skins… ----> Madness… :scream: :astonished: :triumph: :sob:

I’m angry because, now casual players will **purchase the game for litteralythe the price of 10 baguettes… they will maybe purchase the season pass for 20 € and still spend 40 € less than me and have the same things… :dizzy_face:

I know I’m not a star or whatever but i’ve seen with borderlands franchise that Gearbox always respects their true fans.

But with this new price on the game I’m like : " Ok man, you preordered the game, you insta buy the season pass when you get the money, you was amazed by this game which you waited during 3 years, you was on the technical test on which you share your feedback for help them, you was again on the Beta which you played every day you can, you litteraly make pub for them toward all your friends about this game who of course had a difficult start but in which you believe that it will have an amazing futur and now the Devs thank you with what ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Only 2 month after the official realese date the game cost 40 € less and casual players and even hateful players will get the same things that me for 40 € less, I reapeat this “40€” because in France it’s Huge for me ( I’m an student who doesn’t have the Halliday for parents). :wink:

Then now, I don’t expect any refund or gift or anything else, no, I just wrote this because I know there are other players, other people like me in France and in the World who think like me : —> Even the best video games Devs ( Gearbox ) can now only thinks about earnings (that I can understand, everyone have to work for feed his family) but the respect towards the fans or the players in general in the video game world is less day by day… :cry: And that’s make me sad, me, who started play on the PS1, gameboy in a world where Devs worked for the players.

I know there is some huge things that will come in battleborn but today when I see the new price of Battleborn I can’t think about what you’re saying in all your updates which I always read in their realese day. :sweat:

I’m nobody, I’m just a French fan who was a true fan of the last ( IMHO ) Devs studios who was working for their fans and not just for the earning but now I don’t know if I will wait untill the huge new things that all new, casual, hateful players… will have too just like me.

And if Battleborn comes out someday as a freetoplay… I don’t want to think about it…

The video games world isn’t what it was. :video_game:

With all my respect. a French fan :confused:


(it took me more than 45 mins for write and correct this post, if this doesn’t watch how much i’m a fan even if all my life don’t only turn around Battleborn, hopefully for me)

Prices are Retailers or 2K’s decision.

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I can imagine that Gearbox isn’t very happy with this either.

We need all the players they can get. Even if they get the base game on the cheap, some of those will end up buying skins or the season pass.

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A month after the game’s release (the release weekend for Overwatch), Steam had Battleborn (and the Season Pass) at 40% off, which is pretty much the only reason I bought it (I am poor college student).

It’s entirely possible that the retailer you’re talking (I’m assuming it’s a physical vendor and not a direct download like Steam) about overordered copies of the game and are now trying to unload them; they’re probably taking a loss on each sale, but it’s better than not selling the game at all.

Personally, I think this is a good thing. If the game is dirt cheap, more people are going to play it. Casuals are players too, and they’re going to reduce queue times.

Also, don’t think of it as “these people are getting the same game as me for a fraction of the price!” Think of it as having played 40€ to get to play the game 2 months earlier. Over Christmas I bought Borderlands 2 and all of the DLC for about $15 thanks to the Steam Winter Sale. Are you upset that I got the game for a fraction of the price? I doubt it; the game (even though it’s an absolutely amazing game) is “old” in video game terms. You paid a much higher price to play the game several years earlier than I did. That’s just part of the video game pricing structure.

For physical retailers, the developers get paid when the retailer buys the stock. The retailer actually selling the game, much less the price it sells it for, has nothing to do with how much money Gearbox/2k.

The suggested retail price is really just there as a reliable pricing guide and has more to do with how much the retailer is going to be paying for the game than it does with how much it’s liable to be sold for (I’m not sure what the standard mark up on video games is, but 100% is pretty standard in retail; this means that the retailer is liable to buy the game for 20-25€ and then sell it for a 25-30€ profit, before accounting for other costs; selling it for less than the suggested price just means that the retailer is trying to make up for lower profit margin by selling in bulk or, at extremely discounted prices, just trying to minimize losses; also, sometimes a massive price reduction like that is meant to draw in customers who’ll spend money on other stuff with a really high profit margin, like anything any retailer ever tries to sell you when you’re checking out).

If it can help the game for the futur I am for. I’m just disappointed and sad because now all players are the same, casual or fans. I just see now that I’ve paid 40 € more just for 2 month and because I wanted to support the Devs by purchasing day one (+ season pass) and share my feedback since the begining but what I understand now, that’s they just maybe don’t care about this. :confused:

I know the world is rude, I’m not a Unicorn who live in a secret wood far away from the sadness … But sometimes it’s hurt even though it seems ridiculous when it’s about a video game like here.

[quote=“D4rK-Diva, post:7, topic:1539837, full:true”]share my feedback since the begining but what I understand now, that’s they just maybe don’t care about this. :confused:

I’m pretty sure the devs care a lot about the game, considering how involved and responsive they’ve been to the community as well as their ongoing plans for continued development. Even if it doesn’t have a massive player base, they’re betting on their ability to generate a smaller but highly loyal player base that they can maintain through a high level of developer interaction and responsiveness.

I do, however, doubt that they care all that much about how much the game is retailing for. They already made their money when the retailer bought it, and they don’t have any control over how much the retailer sells it for in the first place.

One thing that preordering the game did do was make sure that retailers bought more copies of the game for them to sell, because they use preorders to gauge likely post-release sales, which translated into more money for Gearbox/2k. Buying the game early probably did make more money for the devs; the drop in price from the retailers, however, isn’t liable to hurt them at all (because there’s microtransactions now, it’s actually liable to get them more money from having more players).

To be honest, I put it on the back of Gearbox but after your answers (which I appreciate) I think I spoke too quickly without all the knowledge (I’m not perfect).

After reading your answers it appears that in fact it just more of the retailer more than Gearbox.

I am always sad but I wish to apologize if what I said in my post did go ultimately not to the right person. I do not doubt that they continue to work as they always have to satisfy their players, that’s why I’m a fan of them.

This post is actually may be not about developers or retailers but more about the consomation society in which we live but no one is my attention to launch a philosophical debate.

In any case thank you for taking the time to respond and to have me bring some point I could not see. :wink:

I still think Gearbox might not be too happy about sales like this. Sure, they made a lot of their money already and sure, this is going to get the game into the hands of more people and sure, they will make more money off of the micro-transactions but at the same time it’s a bit demoralizing. This game that you put your heart and soul into is being tossed into discount bins and that feels like all of your hard work is being ■■■■ on. How would you feel if you put a lot of time and effort into making something great and then seeing people completely discount all of your hard effort? It’s not about the money.

That being said this is a great game and I don’t think it or Gearbox deserves a lot of the crap that’s been happening lately. That’s not to say mistakes weren’t made and that they are faultless. There have been problems. I just think they are taking far more flak than they deserve and the game is not getting a lot of the recognition it deserves. I think that perhaps the game is just too new and different from what people are used to and perhaps that is playing a lot into it. Fear can be a powerful thing.